1. Details: Wampum Lake

    Great place for catching rock bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, and pike (There are more species than this this is just what's off the top of my head. (I will ...more edit this when I got more information)

  2. Details: Creek Chubsucker with a Nightcrawler

    I caught a ton of creek chub and pumpkinseed fish over here. They're really tiny tho.


I'm a fisherman from the suburbs of Chicago, Il. I am a student at HF High School (The high school that Juice WRLD went to) I also love to skateboard. ...more The biggest thing I've caught on a line was a Cownose stingray, in Ocean City, New Jersey. It took 30 minutes to reel it in, with a large crowd of people surrounding me. I listen to hip hop, rock, and alternative music. I also currently have a pike head in my freezer. My all-time favorite artists are: Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Playboi Carti, The Ramones, Iann Dior, Lil Wayne, 42 Dugg, Famous Dex, Tory Lanez, and XXXTENTACION. My favorite fish to eat are Northern Pike, Sea Robin, North-Atlantic Cod, ANY kind of Catfish, and Tilapia. I am hoping to catch/clean/cook (In the near future) an Atlantic Striped Bass, Skate, Goliath Grouper, Snakehead, Dorado, Moray Eel, Barracuda, Sturgeon, Bluefish, Red Snapper, and a Marlin! The list keeps adding up! ONE last thing about me...I HATE catch and release. So to all the fisherman reading this, PLEASE eat the fish you catch that are big enough and don't have some sort of water chemical in them. You are literally torturing them by shoving a barbed hook in their mouth. The least you can do is put them out of their misery. PLEASE! I can not stress this enough!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Cow-nosed Stingray, Northern Pike, Sea Robin, Large Mouth Bass, Small mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bullhead Catfish, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Fish, Sunfish, Flounder, Kingfish, Sand Shark,
  • Waterway Open Ocean, Surf, Bay, Lake, River, Creek, and back-bay (Ocean City NJ).
  • Lure Bloodworms, Night Crawlers, Mackerel, Bluegill, Corn, Hot Dogs, Minnows, Tube jigs, spinner bait, spoons, Crayfish, jig heads, plastic worms, power-bait, spiders, topwater, chatter