1. Steelhead Trout

    1. Rick Carey 0
      Nice fish Mike you catch from shore or boat?
    2. thanks!
    3. thanks!
    4. Rick Carey 0
      nice catching bud
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  2. 6 lb. 8 oz. 24 in. Steelhead Trout

    1. no offense. that’s one of the reasons I put up with all the snow, lol
    2. Brady Field 0
      people in the north annoy me because all summer long they are catching 20 inch footballs, then when the weather hits 50 in the south all the fish seem to shrivel ...more up and die until April, but in the north everyone is catching the largest trout and salmon I have ever seen and I have nothing better to do than look at them. also no offense to you personally
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  3. Channel Catfish with a P-Line Sunrise Squid Skirts

  4. 3 lb. 12 oz. 19 in. Smallmouth Bass with a goby

    1. Jim Holland 0
      Nice catch!