1. Largest fish of the day for the boat. No measurements taken, quickly released after photo.

    Black Drum with a Shrimp

    1. Flyy Fishing 0
      oooh πŸ™Œ
  2. Almost a PB for me. We didn't take measurements and quickly released.

    Largemouth Bass with a Baby bass Senko

    1. Lee Wilson 0
      very nice!
    2. Michael Keesee 0
      good work ! Clearlake rules
    3. Craig Timm Sr. 0
      Awesome catch Denise!
    4. Denise Randall 0
      Thanks. As far as bass fishing goes, I prefer finesse fishing with plastics over any other technique, and I often outfish my husband, who actually introduced me ...more to bass fishing years ago.
    5. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      nice Hawg Denise!!! congrats
    6. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      nice Hawg Denise!!! congrats
    7. Brent Banford 0
      Excellent job, you'll be talking about that one for a while
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome fish Denise!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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  3. Out enjoying the afternoon with my daughter. No measurements, quickly released.

    Rainbow Trout with a Size 16 elk hair caddis

    1. Denise Randall 0
      Thanks. Not my largest, by any means, but I just love this pic with my daughter, another accomplished fly fisherwoman .
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      beautiful Bow!!! nice work Denise πŸ‘πŸ‘
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  4. Caught on 10# test line while fishing for yellowtail snappers.

    Lemon Shark with a Shrimp

  5. First salmon caught on a fly rod. No measurements. It was quickly released after photo.

    Pink Salmon with a Flesh Fly

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
    2. Jeff Ultican 0
      love to c women fish 🐠 and enjoying it congrats
    3. Denise Randall 0
      Checked it off my bucket list. I love fly fishing and have always wanted to catch a salmon.
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice one!
    5. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      that’s awesome Denise!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    6. Charley Young 0
      Nice Salmon Denise!
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  6. Caught in 240', largest that day for the group of 8 anglers.

    Pacific Halibut with a Chunk of cod

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Denise catches biggest fish of the trip πŸ€”
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Denise catches biggest fish of the trip πŸ€”
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      seem like a pattern is developing???
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      that is awesome!
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  7. We booked a guide out of New Orleans for our 25th anniversary and I apparently always catch the biggest of the trip. No measurements were taken as wanted to get ...more it back in the water immediately, as we did all of our fish this trip.

    Red Drum with a Johnson Silver Minnow Weedless Spoon

    1. Denise Randall 0
      Thanks. It was a blustery day, but our guide kept us in the zone.
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice Redfish Denise!!!πŸ‘
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Retired from the U.S. Navy and living the dream in Central CA. I fish for both saltwater and freshwater species, preferring fly fishing when ...more possible.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Rockfish, bass, trout, halibut
  • Waterway Pacific Ocean, any number of local lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Lure Senkos, flies