1. 3 lb. 4 oz. Largemouth Bass with a culprit worm

  2. 2 lb. 14 in. Smallmouth Bass with a artificial minnow

    1. You look like a happy camper!! Nice catch!!
  3. Largemouth Bass with a culprit worm

    1. I need to fish with you one day I live in Sanford headed towards buckhorn Avent ferry tell me when I'm on the way I can learn some pointers from you
    2. Joseph j 0
      They were delicious
    3. Jon Gray 0
      they eat good
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  4. 14 in. Black Crappie with a minnows

    1. Dennis Lane 0
      Yeah ok I thought you had caught the crappie in the river below Cherokee dam. I live 2 miles from Cherokee dam.
    2. Joseph j 0
      Crappies caught at Cherokee lake and catfish caught at Cape fear River below Buckhorn dam. Above Avent Ferry boat ramp in Moncure you can catch crappies this big ...more if you fish for them around May or June using minnows and rooster tails
    3. Dennis Lane 0
      What part of the river? I have never caught that many crappie in the river. Ever!
    4. Joseph j 0
      3 ft ,float and was on my kayak just floating down the river .
    5. Danny stinson 0
      That's some nice ones there. Was you fishing shallow with a float.
    6. Joseph j 0
      Dragged my kayak down the river going to catch only to some more
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  5. 30 in. Blue Catfish with a blood bait

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass. catfish
  • Waterway capefear river , shearon Harris Reservoir