1. Caught and released an 18" 3 lb white catfish from Carnegie Lake, NJ, with a Dick's Sporting Goods red worm on a 1/32 oz tube jig and ultralight spinning ...more outfit last week. Caught and released 22 yellow perch, 9 bluegills and a largemouth bass in the rain yesterday there for a total of 211 fish in 28 trips this year which is better than last year. Most of the perch didn't spawn yet.

  2. 3/23/2019 Found 27" and 21" dead striped bass on the bayshore at Thompson's Beach, NJ, down the bay from 3 stake nets. Also saw a toxic red algae bloom ...more on the mud flats in the salt marsh on the blowout low tide. Game Warden was at Foretecue.

  3. 3/22/2019 Caught and released 2 pickerel to 18" and a 12" largemouth bass in Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area, New Egypt, NJ, on a 1/8 oz leadhead ...more jig a 2" Power Grub. Fishing was very slow because of the cold weather.

  4. 3/14/2019 After only catching 6 fish in 5 trips to Carnegie Lake this year, I caught and released 41 fish yesterday evening on 1/32 oz tube jigs and red worms: 20 ...more white perch, 15 yellow perch to 10", 3 black crappies, 2 gizzard shad and a white crappie. Sunny, warm and 53.3 degree water was the right combo for me.

  5. 3/3/2019 caught and released an 8.25" bluegill with my first cast of the day into 40.8 degree Carnegie Lake, then didn't get another hit the rest of the ...more day. Saw other fishermen catch and release a gizzard shad. Only caught 2 fish in 3 trips to Carnegie Lake this year. It's still too cold here in NJ for good fishing.

  6. 12/15/2018 caught 6 white perch and a white crappie in 45.7 degree Carnegie Lake this afternoon on a 1/32 oz jig.

  7. 12/3/2018 caught and released a 20" skate with an Ava A17 on the Manasquan Inlet north jetty.

  8. Caught, tagged and released an undersized striped bass with an Ava A17 on my first cast of the day into the ocean from the Manasquan Inlet north jetty yesterday ...more evening. That was the first striper that I saw in 42 trips there this year. Caught fish on my last 10 consecutive trips there. Landed 99 fish from the jetty this year and tagged 79 with no recaptures yet.

  9. 10/29/2018 caught, tagged and released a fish with no eyes yesterday evening on the Manasquan Inlet, NJ, north jetty.

  10. 10/28/2018 caught and released a 23" 4 lb pickerel with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test line in the 54.8 degree Millstone River, NJ, yesterday evening. It put up ...more a great fight, making many fast runs. Too bad that it was an inch short to win a NJ Skillful Angler Award.


I'm retired and make nearly 300 fishing trips per year in NJ.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species carp
  • Waterway Delaware River
  • Lure corn meal