1. Caught my 1,000th NJ fresh water fish including a sunfish triple fish today in Back Brook my 89th trip.

  2. Caught a fish that is illegal to release in NJ

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      'Nough said! Thanks for the explanation.
    2. Recent law added warmouth, green sunfish,grass carp, snakeheads and flathead catfish to dangerous invasive species list. A few years ago I caught 116 warmouth in ...more a small NJ beaver pond.
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      Yeah George, why in the world would it be illegal to release that fish? Strange.
    4. Warmouth...why is it illegal?
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  3. 6/11/2019 caught a 29.25" 12 lb spawn ready, milt leaking male common carp with my homemade corn meal bait on a #8 red double hook in 74.2 degree Carnegie Lake ...more after a prolonged, amazing battle late in the day.

  4. 6/7/2019 limited out with 25 bluegills in 24 minutes in a small pond in Yardville, NJ. Took a pic of the only bluegill that had red eyes.

  5. 5/28/2019 caught a mixed bag with my homemade corn meal bait on a #14 gold double hook and 2 lb test leader in Robert G. Martin Lake, Hamilton, NJ.

  6. Caught a 9 lb carp on my last cast for the day last night with my homemade corn meal bait on a #8 red double hook in Carnegie Lake, NJ.

  7. 5/19/2019 cooked up my first batch of corn meal bait for this year, then caught 19 lb, 14.5 lb and 2 lb carp in Carnegie Lake.

    1. I half fill a pot with water then add vanilla, yellow food dye, organic black mulberry syrup from Turkey, honey, sugar, yellow corn meal, flour and corn starch. ...more Stir then turn on the heat and stir until done. Since I don't measure or time anything my corn meal bait comes out different every time but the carp usually like it. Sometimes they swallow my #8 treble hook or pull my pole into the water. Since I throw out a can of corn for chum, it would be much easier to use corn for bait but I can't cast the corn bait as far as my ball of corn meal.
  8. Caught a 32 lber on 4 lb test Saturday evening with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test in a small pond in Yardville, NJ. It bent the hook but did not escape.

  9. Caught, tagged and released 6 bluefish from 27" to 29" fork length on an Ava A17 in Manasquan Inlet, NJ, Monday afternoon. Returned Tuesday and only caught, ...more tagged and released a 25" fork length bluefish.

    1. I tagged > 7,900 fish in NJ since 1985 and 243 were recaptured in 11 different states from NH to NC.
  10. 5/1/2019 Caught and released a 20" pickerel in the Delaware and Raritan Canal yesterday evening with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test line. Also caught and released ...more 6 bluegills, 3 black crappies and a yellow perch in the canal and Carnegie Lake, NJ.


I'm retired and make nearly 300 fishing trips per year in NJ.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species carp
  • Waterway Delaware River
  • Lure corn meal