1. Can I get a BOOYAH!!! 6 1/2 lb Largemouth taught on a Booyah frog weedless. Hey everybody. I just want to say I apologize I went to hit a different button and ...more actually hit dismissed so it wiped out this whole thing. So that's why I'm putting this picture back up cuz I accidentally hit the wrong button.

  2. Another Stingray. This 1 weighs 40 lb. My biggest 100 lb. In my profile.

  3. It's true. She can have teeth like a human. You really have to be careful. If you take a look inside right by the teeth on top of the roof of the mouth you'll ...more see like little round Disc the same color it's a teeth. They have those throughout their mouth closer to the back percussion of barnacles and other shellfish. You definitely want to make sure where your fingers are at all times.

  4. Got a nice 5 lb Sheepshead. Caught on live shrimp.

    1. Scott S 0
      Farted on live shrimp? WTF
    2. Todd DREHER 0
      Ashley Lupo, Ty. πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ‘
    3. Ashley Lupo 0
      beautiful catch toddπŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ€©
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  5. I thought the most precious catch of all. My grandson. Saw him for the first time last year right after he was born. And going back again April 13th. My daughter ...more is getting married. Before that and after that I'm taking my reels with me my tackle I've already got pulled waiting for me that I bought there and it's going to be on. I hope I have some good fish to show you up in Ohio. I know it is no Turnpike and I can't wait to tie into one. I miss those water wolves.

  6. Okay I'm ready. I caught bait. Blue crab.πŸ˜‚

  7. A sunset at Jamaica Beach. Sad thing about it is is always watching them alone. Even though I'm with my fishing buddy it's not the same. These are moments ...more it should be spent with somebody to capture the beauty cuz you'll never see the same thing again. If you ever get that chance cake it. Time Rushes by too fast. Take these moments and spend with them somebody Special.

  8. Another Beauty from Galveston. God is such an artist

  9. I thought I would send everybody some beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Galveston and Jamaica Beach. Might as well share them with you. I hope they start your day ...more off good. Cuz when I get there I'm usually there about 45 minutes before the sun comes up.

  10. 3 lb. beautiful speckled trout. Caught it Galveston on a kastmaster spoon. In Galveston


I am a dedicated die hard hardcore fisherman . I've lived in tx since 2003. I'm from Ohio. I have fished since I was 3. I'm a paranormal investigator ...more ( ghost hunter ) for 19 yrs. Yes they do exist. If anyone has any weird things going on on their home we will come out and check it and see what's going on. If somethings there i can remove it. I'm a case manager in 2 groups. I work for a logistics company. If anybody has any problems in this field feel free to get ahold of me. I do not charge to do a cleansing. I can even do them long distance. Without being there.

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  • Species Largemouth bass. Big catfish alligator gar just about everything that swims freshwater and saltwater
  • Waterway Retention pons Lakes, Galveston, Jamaica Beach, San Luis Pass, Freeport
  • Lure Too many to list

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