1. Fourth one this year! Truly blessed! #rapalajerkbait

  2. Number 1 of 2.

    Muskie with a Rapala Shadow Rap Shads

    1. Walt Hilliard 0
    2. Walt Hilliard 0
    3. mike heidkamp 0
      Thank you.
    4. Rick S 0
      both very nice! congrats on a great day
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  3. One of two that day.

    Muskellunge with a Rapala Shadow Rap Shads

    1. mike heidkamp 0
      Very fortunate. Only caught two in my life before these two!
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Awesome!!! I caught my first Muskie there in 1986. First cast of the day slam. Two in one day you are crushing them.
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