1. hitting strong

    Spotted Seatrout with a Bone Top Water

  2. Kayak fishing, saw the bushes moving, thought I would get a big bass. Never caught one of these before, 5lbs. Fought like a monster

    Bowfin with a Watermelon Brush Hog, plastic

    1. chris householder 0
      i thought I was gonna get a bass, but I will fish for them occasionally now, put up a great fight, especially in a kayak
    2. Dan Sparrow 0
      I heard they have lots of bones and you have to clean them before they die. I have never tried it. I am surprised that people actually fish for them. We always ...more thought they were a nuisance and would never intentionally fish for them. The old guy that lives in the swamp on "swamp people" eats them.
    3. Anthony Fiore 0
      I believe they eat everything
    4. chris householder 0
      I asked some guys on the lake, and he said Cajuns eat 'em. I took that as a no...lmao
    5. Anthony Fiore 0
      Honestly I've never heard of anyone eating them that's a good question
    6. Anthony Fiore 0
      Honestly I've never heard of anyone eating them that's a good question
    7. Dan Sparrow 0
      Do people eat them
    8. Anthony Fiore 0
      Very true your brace if you put a yak in there lol. I've only been a be time in a job boat others that that I take my bass boat and still had about an 8 footer ...more come up and snap at me lol
    9. chris householder 0
      thanks, never saw one. Sheldon has some big gators! Scary kayak trip when i went, they like to nudge your boat
    10. Anthony Fiore 0
      I've always heard bowfin. Either way bud nice catch I usually see em in lake Houston but never catch them caught a lot of them at Sheldon down the road. Good ...more fight and nice size.
    11. Dan Sparrow 0
      Also called a dogfish in Illinois
    12. chris householder 0
      Same thing. Called Grinnal, Bowfin, mudfish, cypress trout....depends on where your from
    13. Michael Floyd 0
      Called a grinnal
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