1. Mogadore Reservoir channel catfish 2 of 3 this morning I lost one.....

    1. Mark Canzone 0
      Thank you
    2. michael perkins 0
      nice channel 🐱
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  2. I caught two more pigs this morning at Mogadore Reservoir not nearly as big as the channel catfish I caught yesterday morning....

  3. I caught this pig this morning at Mogadore reservoir!

  4. Spring Wood lake camp club private!

    Large Mouth hook, worm, split shot float....

  5. Spring Wood Lake camp club private!

  6. Spring Wood Lake camp club private!

    Large mouth Bass hook, worm, split shot float....

  7. Rogers Park bass run from Lake Erie up the Sandusky River.

    White Bass with a Rapala minnow

  8. This was a picture from my 1st ever catfish I landed. I looked over because my buddy was reeling in the fish and when I looked back my bobber was gone😄

    Channel Catfish with a Hook, worm, splitshot

  9. Black Crappie with a Hook, worm, splitshot, bobber....

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      What part of Berlin?
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      you spelled crappie wrong
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