1. Largemouth Bass with a H20 Xpress Crankbait 20' - Chartreuse

    1. Christopher Carroll 0
  2. Largemouth Bass with a Strike King Rage Blade - White

  3. Crappie

    Long Bridge

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      Very nice. Good eating too.
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Very nice!
    3. Gerald Rutherford 0
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  4. I have caught countless slabs off this point. Several have been 18" with two going over that. Stumps and brush piles litter this point. You can also Catch stripes ...more and Large mouth here as well. Very active area for all game fish.

    Crappie with a Jigs or Minnows

    1. Wes Dickert 0
      Click on details and scroll down Location. Click the blue view on map button.
    2. Mark Sweat 0
      Hey all! I'm new here...been here on the lake 5 ½ years. Is it bad manners to ask where this particular spot is? Or am I just missing the obvious button ...more to push to find the locale? Nice crappie by the way...Thanks, Mark
    3. Wes Dickert 0
      Thanks bud. Anytime you wanna go. Just let me know. You can message me on here or follow the facebook link in my profile.
    4. Gerald Rutherford 0
      Great catch bro! Wouldn't mind teaming up on lake Harding.
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