1. Hot dogs all day

    Channel Catfish with a hot dog

  2. It's not technically allowed but your not going to offend anyone other then the mall parking cops

    under bridge

  3. Top water strike.

    3 lb. 12 oz. Largemouth Bass with a White rapala

    1. Cameron Watkins 0
      No pike here. I've driven north for hours and gone where they say they are and never seen one
    2. Paul Klotz 0
      It was a good weekend. Caught a bunch of pike.
    3. Cameron Watkins 0
      Man I miss ice fishing. Good luck out there
    4. Paul Klotz 0
      Thanks, I appreciate the tips. We will be out of a boat. I'm ice fishing today.
    5. Cameron Watkins 0
      Hey Paul, I'm from Edmonton too.Are you in a boat or on the shore. I do both. At that time of year the fish are shallow under brush and reed beds, near structures. ...more If your on the shore cast Texas rigged purple or pumpkinseed rubber worms down the shoreline. If your in a boat cast toward the shore using a white or silver shad looking rapala. I like the ones that swim just beneath the surface. That should do the trick.
    6. Paul Klotz 0
      Nice fish. Even nicer hat. Go Oilers. I'm From Edmonton headed to Canyon Lake late March. Any pointers would be appreciated.
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