1. This fish known as the pigfish is the quite a refreshing sight to catch after catching many dull fish in the Gulf of Mexico

    8 in. Pig with a shrimp

  2. We were so surprised that we caught this in the Gulf of Mexico because previously only thought that alligator gars lived in freshwater.

    8 lb. 15 oz. 36 in. Alligator Gar with a mullet

    1. Mike Teroske 0
      yeah let’s just say when this fish came out of the murky saltwater it was much of a surprise. definitely a first
    2. Cindy Abel 0
      I was fishing in the bay last year, and my friend and I both hooked one at the same time!
    3. Rob Anderson 0
      from what I read recently, they prefer quiet brackish water. but you can only believe half of what you read anymore
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  3. The largest red drum we have ever caught!

    32 lb. 15 oz. 40 in. Red Drum with a mullet

    1. Erich Senft 0
      nice bull !!
  4. So surprised when I caught this

    3 lb. 2 oz. 12 in. Bonnethead Shark with a shrimp

    1. Martin McGinnis 0
      Are they any good to eat? Always wanted to try shark.
  5. Never thought krill would catch freshwater fish but they loved it

    Bluegill with a krill

  6. Just another good day on the surf

  7. Thought it was a speckled at first but then I realized there was no spots

    Sand Seatrout with a shrimp

  8. Caught on the surf

    Whiting with a shrimp

  9. What is the best bass lure for clear water because I've been researching this topic for a while and I can't really find a definite answer, thank you

  10. Bolivar peninsula surf fishing The beaches there have a plentiful supply of fish including red drum croaker and whiting and they are really good size too


I mainly fish the saltwater surf catching many saltwater species including red drum.I sometimes fish ponds for bass and panfish. I catch many ...more species off the surf using shrimp mainly.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Red drum and other saltwater species but sometimes bass
  • Waterway Galveston Offshore