1. 5 Pounds 21 inches! On the wall

    Brook Trout

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome brookie! What a monster!
  2. Ice fishing Landlock Salmon

    Landlocked Salmon

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Now that's cool! Nice fish!
  3. Walleye with a Reef Runner Ripstick

    1. Matt Deters 0
      Tons of boats today. First 2 hrs and only a small 13" that's swimming free again.
    2. Billy Bissell 0
      That lake gets hammered! I let that one go, so that one is possibly still swimming.
    3. Matt Deters 0
      Heading out again there tomorrow, hope there are some fish left
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  4. Off the dock

    Northern Pike with a Reef Runner Ripstick

    1. Matt Deters 0
      How's the walleye fishing on Roberds?
  5. Details: 19 in. Walleye with a Rapala- Yellow Perch

    1. Billy Bissell 0
      Haha yeah I know it's the 14th, these are last summers catches, when I was visiting. Friend recommended me to join this page and get to know more of Minnesotas ...more lakes since I live here perminantly.
    2. mike jansen 0
      Fyi....Don't get caught fishing for fish out of season. Opener was not last Saturday.
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  6. Details: 31 in. Northern Pike with a Mepps

  7. Details: 2 lb. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Mimic Minnow


From Maine, love hunting and fishing. Especially brook trout, salmon and lake trout.. But now living in southern Minnesota, going after Pike, ...more Walleye and Bass.

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