1. Caught a few trout today!

    Rainbow Trout with a kastmaster

  2. Caught this nice carp today! 14 lbs!

    14 lb. 13 in. Common Carp with a Corn

    1. MAC WAGNER 0
      Nice catch. Carp are always fun to catch, but they are very spookey and are not the easiest fish to catch ! Keep up the good work.. I hope that you Didn't throw ...more it back, because Carp eat Bass Eggs. If you catch one eat it or Destroy it....
    2. keith cole 0
      Congrats! They fight hard...nnice catch!
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  3. Caught this nice carp here today!


    1. Richard Montini 0
      great fish
    2. Richard Montini 0
      I was using a lipless crankbait from rapala clown color lime green with red and i was on left side of fishing pier
    3. patrick McGee 0
      Nice catch James!
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Carp and Bass
  • Waterway Lake Nockamixon
  • Lure Rapala