1. Raileigh, 6 yrs old running the trolling motor by herself, casting and catching. she caught 17 spotted bass. #duckettfishing #teamlews

    spotted Bass

  2. First smallmouth bass

    1. Robert Ryan
      Ha thanks for telling me. Guess I still need to catch a smallie. Great day on the water though!
    2. jared chambers
      sorry bud....that's a spotted bass not a small mouth. but congrats on your catch
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  3. In a blowdown on spinnerbait

    Largemouth Bass with a Spinnerbait

    1. Kenneth Olivo
      Fat boy!
    2. Jerry Henry
      How big? Great bucket mouth.
    3. Shawn Gearinger
      Very nice! :-)
    4. Ken Schaufler
      Yep! I think it's bigger than that for sure!
    5. scott clark
      Scale said 6.12 but I think she's bigger
    6. Ken Schaufler
      Wow! That's a hawg! What that fish weigh?
    7. scott clark
      Thanks drew
    8. Drew Gierach
      Congrats on the Braggin' Board win!
    9. Judy Hartley
    10. aaron seelhoff
      Absolute beast! Nice fish!
    11. MAC WAGNER
      Thanks Scott. I appreciate your reply. Good Luck !!!
    12. scott clark
      water temp was 58 degrees
    13. MAC WAGNER
      Scott can you tell me what the water temp is ?
    14. MAC WAGNER
      Nice Catch !!!
    15. jared chambers
      6.12?? brother I think you need new scales....the picture weighs more than 6.12....she is a good un'....congrats
    16. scott clark
      She weighed 6.12 Todd and fault like a truck
    17. Pete Lyden
    18. Morris Campbell
      Beautiful . Fat girl
    19. Todd Stevens
      What's the weight on that giant? An ounce over huge?
    20. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome bass!
    21. Scott Schulte
      Pig bass. Nice fish
    22. scott clark
      Thanks she was a fighter,wrapped me up in a tree but I won the battle
    23. Rich Pardy
      Man nice fatty!!
    24. Eddie Goode
      Scott that is a toad. congrats
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  4. Largemouth Bass with a Jig

    1. jared chambers
      No felix, I don't mind at all. I use the same jig almost religiously. Greenpumpkin w/ orange
    2. Eddie Goode
      Nice and always awesome on a jig.
    3. David Moore Jr.
      Picture perfect bass#
    4. Felix Silva
      Great catch! What color jig if you don't mind me asking?
    5. kenny thompson
      Nice bass!!!
    6. Cliff Capps
      Now that is a Christmas ham!
    7. Derek Herring
      Real good chunk!!
    8. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice bass!
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  5. slipped I'm an afternoon trip to Russell today. the wind made for a pretty good jerk bait bite. caught some nice spotted bass. at best we may have had 15lbs. ...more but still a lot of fun

  6. Anybody's have any tips for me on lippless crank baits and What size /color /sound/action bait selection I should have in my box it's getting to be that ...more time of year and I have had the worst luck with them and I see some of you guys are catching hogs on them

    1. jared chambers
      There you go. You can never have to much.
    2. Sasha Tuttle
      But I'm gonna have to get longer faster rod eventually probably just another whole setup THANK you Jared!
    3. Sasha Tuttle
      Lol 8days a week! Lol I fish all shimanos my 7.2.1 Curado I gets 28" of line per reel turn with 12 pound floro I've had my other curado for 6 years and ...more is still going strong and I fish just a 7ft falcon crank rod I caught a 6lber the other day and I have to say I love my shimanos with x ship that drag kicked it's but on 10lb test
    4. jared chambers
      For working the bait I make a long cast. When I engage the reel I just reel at a steady retrieve every so often give the bait an upward pull...kinda like yoyoing ...more the bait just not quite as extreme. The only time I ever really rip the bait is when I hit grass. I'll pop him pretty hard then to clear the hooks. For example. This morning, I was throwing parallel to the riprap, I was reeling the bait as fast as I had to as to not get hung. I was just ticking the rocks, then I would give it that little upward pull, and bam they would smack it. 5 back to back cast spotted bass this morning on a lipless crankbait. I caught 13 total on the lipless then swapped over to a fluke. Ended the day at 31 spotted bass. 1 largemouth
    5. jared chambers
      My personal preference is a Lew's tournament pro (my opinion best reel on the market) it used to come in a 7.1:1 ratio....but now you can get it in a 6.8:1 or ...more 7.5:1. As a guide I actually tend to use the Lew's speed spool LFS simply due to them being cheaper, but they tend to last me a year to a year in a half. Mind you I fish 8 days a week. Yes I said 8. The tournament pro last me 3-4 years.
    6. Sasha Tuttle
      I was looking at the lv rto have you tried that bait yet?
    7. Sasha Tuttle
      Thanks Jared what reel do you put on those duckets? And what's your favorite way to work the bait?
    8. jared chambers
      they're not going to produce that great on calm sunny days, unless you have grass that the fish are holding in. now it can be sunny, but add some wind, and ...more now get on wind blown points and you can have a field day. first thing in the morning when it's low light, great time for them also. I really like when my lake's are generating power. then that current positions the fish and a lipless bait can be awesome. my choice is luckycraft lv 500. it's 3/4 oz i use a duckett ghost 7'6 medium heavy CRANKING or a duckett 7'11" medium heavy CRANKING. I like a long rod because with that heavy bait you tend to make long cast and you need that long rod to pick up line when a fish hits way out
    9. Jr Ruggiero
      Lucky craft makes a great lipless bIt. The LVR I believe. Rattle trap is always a good choice. Stay away from Cordell they seem to crake a lot. Color for spring ...more is craw or red. Doesn't matter water color. When temp is above 50 degrees throw red.
    10. Dan Woodcock
      I have found that smaller companies tend to have better quality baits... Sad but true in my exp. Rattletrap is legit though.
    11. Jared Berkovsky
      I use x2o lures lipless a lot and the strike king red eye shad. I like the X2o for the smaller lipless and the red eye shad lipless for bigger baits.
    12. Morris Campbell
      Sasha try the original Cordell spot in chrome blue or black back. Rattletrap wins big money in the bass tournaments here in Florida. If you are in hydrilla or milfoil ...more areas they are deadly .eel grass too
    13. Sasha Tuttle
      Thank dan what brand baits do you usually buy my price rang I'm will to pay for a bait is broad I've been looking at every thing from Excalibur to lucky ...more craft and duo realis
    14. Dan Woodcock
      When you go to buy them, check out the stock hooks they come with. I hate paying 7$ bucks for a bait that requires gamakatsu or mustad trebles right out of the package. ...more A few of the industry leading manufacturers are guilty of this. Sound is good imo. With the rainy spring season, bass tend to rely on their other senses and less on sight. The tight wobble and ticking of the bb's will draw them from a farther distance.
    15. Sasha Tuttle
      ok that makes scene im throwing it on a mh 7"2 falcon crankbai/buzz bait rod with a 7.2.1 shimano curado i think my rods good its just the baits im throwing
    16. John Fitch
      The line size in my opinion doesn't matter as much because it sinks on its own. Crankbaits like lighter line to allow them to dive deeper. I treat traps more ...more like a Spinnerbait.
    17. John Fitch
      But I know of people using a crankbait rod to help keep the treble hooks in the bass's mouth.
    18. John Fitch
      I usually through mine on a medium power fast action rod. I think having the fast action tip is better for jerking the trap during the retrieve.
    19. Sasha Tuttle
      thanks john yea i was looking in to the red eye shad cause it flutters on the fallhave you tryd the two tap or silent ? all i have now are a rapala clakin rap a ...more riping rap and 2 bill lewis 1/4 dose line size matter alot?ive just been throwing them on my crankbait rod on 12pound
    20. John Fitch
      Best traps I've used are the red eye shad from strike king but they ain't cheap. Use a smaller size if throwing from shore. Red kicks butt in Texas. But ...more good to have chrome/blue, Chartreuse too. What I like about traps is that you create your reaction strike by just retrieving it. Learn about rattle trap cadence and you can cause a reaction strike in open water without having to bang it into cover like a Spinnerbait. The rattle it has mixed with a certain cadence makes it irresistible to bass.
    21. Sasha Tuttle
      And I've never trident a silent one but I've caught a lot of fish on blade baits
    22. Sasha Tuttle
      Iv caught fish on them before but I can't seem to put a pattern together ,i feel like there loud and scare away fish
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  7. not a bad evening on the hill

    Largemouth Bass with a jig

    1. Harry Osborne
      Nice fish!
    2. John Sierra
      nice catch!
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  8. those duckett rods were doing some swinging Richard B Russell. caught some nice spots and largemouth

  9. If anyone as any pointers on bass fishing I would appreciate it a lot!

    1. Dave Aklinski
      Outside the obvious of you want to catch some bass- what are you looking for?
    2. Thad Smith
      The best way to learn to bass fish is to go out and do it. Every time you catch a fish pay attention to the where the fish was temp of the water cover near by and ...more the water color. The more you fish the more information you will have for your own. It is hard to tell someone how to fish if you don't know a lot of what is going on. That is why the best way is to go and find them. Good luck and post some pics of what you catch so we can see you learn and grow on the sport of fishing!
    3. Jared Berkovsky
      Jared I agree with you more the yum dinger june bug color works great when they are usually feeding on bluegill.
    4. Eddie Goode
      Johnathan did you get my email and hope it was helpful
    5. Tone H
      Whats your email address and ill sed you some stuff
    6. John Morgan
      If you want to become a millionaire bass fishing start out a billionaire.
    7. John Fitch
      If I had to build a beginners tackle box it would consist of 2 small white Spinnerbaits, 2 small Chartreuse / white Spinnerbaits, stick bait and curl tailed worms ...more in darker colors, 2/0 offset worm hooks (non extra gap), assortment of bullet weights, 2 Chartreuse / white buzzbaits, hollow body frog, swivels and 2 Chartreuse squarebill crankbait that should get you started
    8. John Fitch
      Ya using soft plastics is a great place to start because it doesn't hurt as bad when you loose one compared to a $5 - $10 lure.
    9. Chase Oliver
      Throw near structure and Ultravibe speed worms work great. Bass right now are starting to get on bed. So also try white lizards dipped in lime green garlic die.
    10. Tim Miller
      Oily artificial worms work good
    11. Tim Miller
      I use black and yellow with seems to work pretty good
    12. jared chambers
      John Fitch & Tyler Curry both offer great info here. To add to them, when fishing from the bank, be sure to step lightly and not to walk right at the water's ...more edge, you will spook a lot of fish. I also prefer yum dinger over senkos due to price as well as yum has better colors in my opinion. Never pass up any irregularities. such as a random clump of grass or a stick up, or a transition where say a rocky bank changes to red clay. fish will hold on these transitions. For more in depth knowledge feel free to message me or email me at
    13. kenny thompson
      Jonathan , great info you've gotten.
    14. Derek Herring
      My blog has lots of info that can help you.
    15. Jared Berkovsky
      I agree with you Tyler haven't tried the mardi gras color but my favorite color is junebug.
    16. Eddie Goode
      Johnathan email me @ and I will send you some info to read.
    17. Tyler Curry
      If your looking for one bait that will help you catch fish almost anytime a year, then try a 4 inch wacky rigged Senko. I like yum dingers in Mardi Gras color. They're ...more cheap and work great. Just get a 1/0 hook and hook the worm right in the middle. You can fish this in ponds, lakes, river or streams. You can also fish it in wood, grass, rocks or anything else you might be fishing.
    18. John Fitch
      Base info: If you have no experience and bank fishing on ponds I would start small using small lures where it will be easier to catch smaller more aggressive bass. ...more That will build your confidence and you will learn from each catch. And fish structure, bass like to ambush their prey. And just because you use smaller lures does not mean you won't catch big bass. Once you learn the basics than you can move up to bigger game.
    19. Derek Herring
      Need to know a little more information on your end. Like where and when you are going to fish for them. Also you fishing from the bank or from a boat?
    20. Johnathan McCoy
      Like tips on how to catch them like where on the water and what lures
    21. John Fitch
      What experience do you have so far? What are you looking to learn
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I'm a bass guide on Richard B. Russell & Clarks Hill. I promised myself as well as my client's, to work as hard as I can to provide them with ...more the best experience possible. There will only be the utmost professionalism on my boat. I will always provide top of the line gear as well as top of the line service. I'm enthusiastic about sharing knowledge, especially with young people. I'm also extremely passionate about supporting my sponsors, for without them, I couldn't do what I do.

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