1. Details: long point

    1. jason davis 0
      u ain't caught a dam thing on this point!!
  2. Details: camping island

    ghost island

  3. 4 lb. 7 oz. Largemouth Bass with a top water

    1. matthew warden 0
      thanks!!! now to see where thats at! haha ive been looking at humps and points on the southern end but there are so many. i think if i can figure out what kind of ...more point they are on i can run a pattern and maybe snag a few. thanks alot again!
    2. Johnathan Sullivan 0
      I put in at asbry and straight out from the ramp is 2 good points before the bridge most time that's where I catch my bigger fish points with steep drop offs ...more 30 feet of the bank
    3. matthew warden 0
      awesome! I'm coming to Hartwell for the first time next week. Hope I can find a few like that! Would you be willing to share the general area where you caught ...more it?
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