1. Had two hours before kiddos got off the bus.... of course I’m going fishing

    Black Crappie

    1. Tim French 0
      where on Lake Michigan did you catch this beauty?
    2. That's a nice one
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  2. Smallest fish of the day.... 12” isn’t bad for the smallest .Was a hell of a day

    12 in. Black Crappie

    1. James Daniel 0
      Nice crappie for 12"
  3. Black Crappie

    1. James Daniel 0
      Nice crappie
  4. 14 in. Black Crappie

    1. James Daniel 0
      Now, that is a slab Black Crappie
  5. Livescope is cheating.... all fish released!

    Black Crappie

    1. James Daniel 0
      Beautiful fish,
    2. Paid 1200.00
    3. I have a 1968 mirrocraft 14ft deep eve with a 25 hp iller And I catch fish and can go any size water I want to and troll planer boards out of it
    4. Chad M 0
      I’m into the livescope for about $3000 and about 800 for my hummingbird. it’s funny cause I’ve got about 6k into trolling motor and electronics in a 700$ boat. lol
    5. My wife thought I was nuts when I wanted a 800 dollar fish locator.
    6. Opps can't sit still
    7. Sorry you can sit still
    8. Same thing on Castle Rock Lake.Catch a few ,Move just 6 or 8 feet and you more. Seems like you can just sit in one spot
    9. Chad M 0
      I was in between two other boats that I never seen catch one fish. I was averaging one every other drop... if you didn’t know where the fish was to drop it on their ...more head they wouldn’t bite. had to hunt each fish down and drop it on their head, then boom! lol
    10. sorry produce more fish
    11. I know what your talking about with livescope. l bought a new helix 7 gn3 this spring upgrading from a hook 5. I can't believe the difference. the helix 7 does ...more produce more
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  6. 13 in. White Crappie

  7. White Crappie

    1. James Daniel 0
      Nice, yeah I use tubes most of the time when I am crappie fishing, it seems that I catch more fish on it.
    2. Chad M 0
      small white/silver glitter tube jig
    3. James Daniel 0
      Nice, sac a lait, what bait were you using.
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  8. Yellow Perch

    1. Zach Kleyn 0
      that's a massive perch!
  9. Black Crappie

    1. Chad M 0
      central wisconsin
    2. Where did you catch the crappie at?
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