1. My son Jared said my Curado "exploded" when he was taking it for a test drive before we head down to Galveston tomorrow. Fortunately no one was hurt. ...more Never seen anything like this before.

    1. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Funny how that stuff always happens when one of the kids is using dads stuff!!! Lol!!!
    2. Shawn Gearinger 0
      That happens with braid occasionally. I had the same thing happen with Curado SF. I cleaned it up and got all the line out and it hasn't happened again since. ...more I don't know how it happens but it happened to me too. Anyone have a cure.
    3. Jon Giacalone 0
    4. Josh Berkovsky 0
      Only at our house haha
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  2. Sorry, here's a better photo of yesterday's trip to G'ville.

  3. Yesterday I lifted Jboy's parental "restraining order" from shopping at Gearsville (Academy). It was a joyous event to take him as the picture illustrates. ...more Wearing his Fishidy tee shirt, he filled his July Xmas list and helped his younger sister pick out several items to fill her new tackle box. All it cost me was that spool of 50# braid for his new reel. Unfortunately his dwindling bank account is at risk again. It was a great day!!

  4. Heard about the bass you snagged at the ditch. Stay on em son! I feel another trip to Gearsville coming.

  5. Hey JBoy. I heard that the ole timers used to fish with a Heddon Sonic and even a plug called a Shyster. Ever heard of em and can you comment on technique?

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Took a buddy of mine to swan lake and he got his personal best trout out of there. Fish along skyline that time of year and you'll get some nice trout. We leave ...more kayaks and boats at home and just walk in there and hammer them.
    2. Larry Berkovsky 0
      Your showing your age as well. Throw in a Hump or a SpecTaker and you've pretty much hit the Trifecta. I have a good time with my son Jared who is always showing ...more me some new bass lure gizmo while I keep plugging away w/ my shyster. Thanks on the picture. We've had pretty good success in April May around the rocks between Swan Lake and the dike. The boys love it. We were shooting to go out on Friday but I think the weather took care of that.
    3. John Fitch 0
      I 2nd what Kenny said. Nice speck
    4. kenny thompson 0
      I grew up fishing with bingos and plug n shortys. Bet they will still produce. Nice trout on your pic!!
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"It won't always be like this...." 5-24-2013

Fishing Favorites

  • Species trout and reds
  • Waterway POC and Galveston
  • Lure live bait and misc plugs as needed