1. Details: California Sheepshead

    who wants to go and meet me and chio in on gas

    1. Jean-Pierre Alkarra 0
      @King_Fisher you sure?? kinda looks like a channe
  2. Details: Barred Sand Bass

    good day on the water at the 150 sand bass. sculpin sheepshead .bacassio .

    1. norman quintana 0
      thanks im 3 for 3 on the sheep head got one last 3 times out same spot.. each of us got one each to to top it off out of 3 of us on the boat.
    2. tonygarcia 0
      hell ya......nice great job man
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  3. Details: California Sheepshead

  4. Details: California Sheepshead

    1. fishineer88 0
      Cool fish
  5. Details: Gulf Flounder

    bucket of sand dabbs about 56

  6. Details: Channel Catfish

    1. Billy Stonerock 0
      nice cat Bro
  7. Details: Barracuda

    got limit on these had to set the hook as soon as it was droping down or the busted the line 20 pound floro

    1. ReelLegend 0
      Sharp teeth
  8. Details: Black Rockfish

    got out at 6 am to the double riggs about 400 yards past them hooked up on our limit on these vermillion rock fish my first trip out for rock fish season.. also ...more buckets of sand dabs and our limit on 28 inch to 33 inch barracudda..

    1. tonygarcia 0