1. Black Crappie with a minnows

    1. Glenn Rawlins 0
      Much better than a day at work
    2. jeremy guelda 0
      Nice catch! About how deep were they?
    3. Matthew Gabbard 0
      I think the biggest crappie we had was 12 or 13 inches. Didn't measure it. Thick though.
    4. Gowen Tang 0
      Great job +1! What was the largest size your caught on Saturday?
    5. Mike Robin 0
      Good job! Looks like a good day fishing!!
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  2. Going to Jonathan Creek Labor day weekend to fish for bass. Any advice would be great.

  3. crappies at night with lights! fishing 4 -10 feet deep in 25-30 feet of water with green submersible lights sunk 1 foot below surface.

    crappie with a live minnows

    1. T Sen 0
      nice catch, good info, maybe I'll be able to hit Taylorsville 1 night this weekend and try my luck.
  4. one dink

    1. Matthew Gabbard 0
      Sorry. just 3
    2. Mike Robin 0
      How many did you all catch?
    3. Mike Robin 0
      How many did you all catch?
    4. Mike Robin 0
      How many did you all catch?
    5. Mike Robin 0
      How many did you all catch? Any big ones?
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  5. jugging with live bluegill.

    1. kentuckyjules Tavis 0
    2. Matthew Gabbard 0
      taylorsville lake. 6 feet deep.
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  6. I see you are on the water alot. any tips for a crappie pattern?

  7. Going crappie fishing Friday night with submersible lights. Any advice or tips on depth/location would be awesome.

    1. Jason combs 0
      Hey Matthew did you end up going to cave run for the crappie? If so how did it go, we were planning on going up this weekend.
  8. bluegill and crappie

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      I second the difficulty in catching crappie consistently. I went a couple days ago and could only manage two. Some day I will master finding them.
    2. Matthew Gabbard 0
      I'm a rookie at crappie fishing myself. bluegill seem to be a little easier.
    3. I cant catch crappie to save my life
    4. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Yum Yum! Great catch!
    5. Matthew Gabbard 0
    6. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice hall!
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Live in Frankfort Ky. Love to fish multiple species.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Crappie
  • Waterway Bever Lake
  • Lure Minnows