1. Enjoying the time

    Lak Purdy

  2. Just a day at the park

    Bluegill with a Bobby Garland

    1. Alvin Randolph 0
      Looks like a great fishing tandem waiting to launch in the next team tournament...
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Big fun!!!!
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice catch little guys!!
    4. Jon Giacalone 0
      I think they're talking strategy...
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  3. 2 lb. 2 oz. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a chatterbait

    1. Kenneth Howard 0
      Thanks everyone! It was good to have a tight line once again. It's been too long.
    2. Alvin Randolph 0
      Hey Jimmy, I haven't been out there since last Saturday...but, they are moving a lot of water through the Coosa Chain of Rivers now....so pick up your flippin' ...more stick....get shallow and cover water...weather should be nice tomorrow...get out there and go get'em!!!
    3. Jimmy Postell 0
      Do you happen to know what the conditions are like now at Logan? I see that it is 2.5 ft above full pool. Just wondering if I would be wasting time going there Sunday.
    4. Johnathan McCoy 0
    5. Alvin Randolph 0
      Here's another very useful bass spawning article...gives more detailed info as well: http://www.bassresource.com/fish_biology/largemouth-seasonal-habits.html
    6. Alvin Randolph 0
      Hey Johnathan...there's no definite answer here...a couple major circumstances like area of the country your body of water is in, the type of body of water, ...more time of year, water clarity, etc...however, here's a like with info I've found very helpful in the past that explains, in general the different stages of the Bass Spawn:

    7. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice fish!
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      Big gut on that one!
    9. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice fat one!!
    10. Johnathan McCoy 0
      When is the spawn suppose to happen Alvin Randolph
    11. Alvin Randolph 0
      Looks like she just moved up from deeper water based on her color...want be long before the spawn kicks off....
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  4. Bouncing jig off the bottom of rocks

    2 lb. Spotted Bass with a Crappie jig

    1. Alvin Randolph 0
      Time of year of course has a lot to do it it as well....my best success has come on a lipess crankbait....if you find them stacked up around thise scattered boulders, ...more high spots with grass clumps growing on top, or sitting off in those ditches....oh boy!
    2. David Moore Jr. 0
      I guess it was all those carp I usually see in that area made me give up on it. Good info A.R. Will try harder next time.
    3. Alvin Randolph 0
      From my experiences its a really good spring and fall location....big flat with high points with emerging grass.....laydowns and grass lines.....2 ditches form a ...more "Y" pattern just as you push through the backside....column fishing for crappie hot spot.....overall a pretty neat little setup...its almost like its own seperate pond.....rock, laydowns, grass subtle depth changes, high spots....you can really see the difference when they do the initial drawdown for winter.
    4. David Moore Jr. 0
      What's up with that area guys..I never caught anything from a boat over there?
    5. Alvin Randolph 0
      Hmmmmmm...I to am familiar with said place....under said bridege....in said area....lol
    6. Kenneth Howard 0
      Lol! You got me.
    7. David Moore Jr. 0
      Nice catch!!.Is that 119 bridge.
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  5. 1 lb. 15 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbaite

  6. Calm water outside of the current

    2 lb. 2 oz. 16 in. Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

  7. Shallow in the flood waters

    2 lb. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a Black & blue football head w/ Strike King black & blue crawfish

    1. Nick Dahmen 0
      Thanks for sharing! Nice catch, man!
    2. Kenneth Howard 0
      Yes Sir
    3. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice bass!
    4. Alvin Randolph 0
      Solid catch...we know where they live now...
    5. David Moore Jr. 0
      Did u catch this yesterday!!
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    1. Alvin Randolph 0
      Hooked right where he was supposed to be...
  8. Rocking bank

    1 lb. 7 oz. 12 in. Spotted Bass with a Black & blue Booyah Pro Boo Bug Jig

    1. Kenneth Howard 0
      That's the best way I know how to do it Sir. Lol
    2. Alvin Randolph 0
      Getting jiggy with it...
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  9. The wife and I on the lake

    1. Kenneth Howard 0
      Yes, now she knows it's not a game. Lol
    2. Alvin Randolph 0
      Tag Team Back Again.....lol
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