1. Last week I was playing golf with a few of my friends and I happened to come upon what I assume is a mullet. If it is a mullet it is the biggest mullet I have ever ...more seen. When we finished playing we went back to measure it and it was 28 inches, 1.25 inches off the state record. I think that a bird picked it out of the water but dropped it and that's how it got there.

    Fantail Mullet

    1. marco98 0
      I thought I snagged a log @Flounder_Pounder8484
    2. Andrew Orton 0
      Did it put up a fight?😂 @marco98
    3. marco98 0
      Dang I caught one in my castnet that was 30.5 in here in Dickinson
    4. rozuna 0
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  2. Nice 36 1/2 inch redfish I caught off my dock a few days ago. It was caught on a Shimano Sahara with a Castaway Invicta rod. The fish almost spooled me but luckily ...more I was able to turn his head. Later I fished in the lights at night and there were a ton of bull reds blowing up on shad. Even though I was using a shad lure, not much seemed to go for it.

    Red (redfish) Drum

  3. New setup that I got for fishing off the beach in 2016. Hoping to catch a new personal best fish on it and I will be post many more blerts!

    Blacktip Shark

    1. Angler09 0
      Ok thanks
    2. Andrew Orton 0
      @Angler09 it's an Avet Mxl mc 5.8
    3. Angler09 0
      What size mxl is that
    4. Andrew Orton 0
      @cjmcwilliams Mullet, Crab, Whiting, it's all good, you just have to match the hatch and use what they have been eating
    5. cjmcwilliams 0
      What is best for redfish
    6. Andrew Orton 0
      Thanks @Charlielewis3
    7. Charlielewis3 0
      That looks sweet
    8. Andrew Orton 0
      @cjmcwilliams most bait shops should have what your looking for
    9. cjmcwilliams 0
      Where do u get bait from
    10. Andrew Orton 0
      @j_reyes yeah but we left early to go fish some lights and we caught some slot reds and some trout
    11. j_reyes 0
      yall were on 91st Saturday?
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  4. Went to Seawolf Park to catch flounder today and I caught my limit. I was hoping for a quick limit and it happened. I caught my limit in about 5 minutes.

    Gulf Flounder

    1. ralphyc06 0
      Nice, I'm going to see if I can find some big mommas out there tomorrow
    2. Andrew Orton 0
      Off the rocks @ralphyc06
    3. ralphyc06 0
      Nice ones bro did you get these off the pier?
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  5. I'm thinking about hitting up Seawolf. But I want to know what the crowds like. Anybody been in the last few days?

    1. Andrew Orton 0
      Will do! @peytoncastillo__
    2. peytoncastillo__ 0
      alright buddy let me know what's out there!
    3. Andrew Orton 0
      I'm probably going this afternoon. @peytoncastillo__
    4. peytoncastillo__ 0
      it's always going to be crowded. night time isn't the best time to go because of how many people are there. I suggest probably going in the morning
    5. zackfishing 0
      check my last post
    6. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Understandable lol.
    7. Andrew Orton 0
      Well I'm only 12 so I got school. @EasyCastin13
    8. Marcus Hernandez 0
      It's best to go during the week, always less crowded.
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  6. These are just more pics from the storm. There is more info on the previous blert.

    Other Saltwater

    1. Andrew Orton 0
      You will also catch some reds this time of year as well. @chancehuiet
    2. Andrew Orton 0
    3. Andrew Orton 0
      Yeah I know someone who catches a ton on them. The surf was really calm today.
    4. Andrew Orton 0
    5. Andrew Orton 0
      It should calm down by then but if you need a nother place to catch flounder all the jetties in the Seawall are lined up with them. All you have to food throw out ...more a live finger mullet
    6. packin_hammers98 0
      Thanks. Should be over there Friday or Sunday if you wanna join
    7. Andrew Orton 0
      It was bad this weekend but the surf was flat today. @packin_hammers98
    8. packin_hammers98 0
      How the weather over there now? Me and some buddies were gonna go to surf side this weekend
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  7. Well... Hi Patricia! I live in Galveston, Texas and my docks got torn up. My fishing pier broke off the bulkhead, my floating dock broke, and my boat dock got badly ...more damaged. My neighbors boat got destroyed and there is wood everywhere. On the good side, two yeti coolers washed up.

    Other Saltwater

    1. tmoonatx 0
      there goes the new golf cart
    2. tmoonatx 0
      Oh god
    3. Andrew Orton 0
      I live close to harbor side drive next to the Galveston side of the causeway but yesterday I was by lafitte cove and the water in the street connected to the bay. ...more Water went up to my knees. @tmoonatx
    4. tmoonatx 0
      my house is in laffetes cove
    5. tmoonatx 0
      Are you close to the country club?
    6. Andrew Orton 0
    7. Andrew Orton 0
      The market is exactly where I'm at. @tmoonatx
    8. tmoonatx 0
      I'm on the west side and I haven't checked my house yet
    9. tmoonatx 0
      shi..... what side of the bay are you on?
    10. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Ouch, sorry for your losses bud
    11. Drew72 0
      Bad news. Some of my fishin' buds were feeding me reports of 17' swells west of you.
    12. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Wow man that sucks brotha..
    13. cvflyer 0
    14. uflores80 0
      Two free yeti coolers! Lol
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  8. I was jigging for flounder along the bulkhead when this big ugly decided to come and take my lure. It was at least a 20min fight and I had to beach it on a little ...more beach by my house. I measured and safely released the fish that was 39" and my new personal best fish.

    Black Drum

    1. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice i did the same thing while fishing for Flounders hooked up to a huge drum also just about the same set up as yours using 12# mono one heck of a fight i had
    2. Drew72 0
      A nice surprise!
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  9. A nice doormat I caught today. About 21 inches

    Gulf Flounder

    1. gavinck 0
      Nice slab
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
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  10. It was a rough night but I still managed to get this 22 incher. Later that night I ran out of lures so I was fishing with just I jighead, fish every cast. I was ...more very surprised.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout