1. New Video Is Up! https://youtu.be/LggwIi3-yvI

  2. New Video is Up! https://youtu.be/TXZCMqx3RWU

  3. My pb pickeral🎣

    4 lb. 6 oz. 24 in. Chain Pickerel

  4. 6 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Storm swimbait

    1. Mike otto 0
      nice fish
  5. 13 in. Rainbow Trout with a Red powerbait worm

  6. Limit of Black Crappie caught in the spring during the spawn!

  7. Yellow Perch with a Rattletrap

    1. Rachel Scribner 0
      Damn, I just went today and as we were walking dnr rolled by, beaked and kept going. Wasn't aware, now I know.
    2. Chad Alexander 0
      That good to hear, nice perch bud!
    3. Adam Krauss 0
      I fished way bellow the smaller dam where it is aloud
    4. Chad Alexander 0
      Just a heads up it is illegal to fish below the dam at loch raven. You're lucky you didn't get caught, the dnr has been there almost every day since the ...more video was posted
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