1. first one as well

    Sheepshead with a shrimp

  2. it was a baby but then I caught it's mom

    reddish with a shrimp

  3. catch this guy by accident while trolling,he was released

    octopus with a bomber

  4. too small and out of season but fun to catch.first time catching this kind too

    22 in. amberjack with a bomber

  5. my first tuna..great fight

    22 lb. 36 in. Bonito Tuna with a Riggs w blue runner

  6. King tournament first time to get in the boat.great day and time

    10 lb. 9 oz. 44 in. King Mackerel with a Riggs w blue runner

  7. had to throw back too small but fun

    14 in. Tripletail with a shrimp

  8. a lil bit aftr the sun came up :)

    13 lb. 36 in. African pompano with a squid

  9. 13 lb. 22 in. Gag Grouper with a bomber


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