1. Details: Channel cove

    A small cove in the NWRP lake facility. After rowing a canoe, we found a good place to get out an stretch our legs. it came with a nice lil bench to sit on and plenty ...more of visitors going to the hiking trails.

    1. Jim Winpisinger 0
      I caught the smallest LM bass I've ever seen some really small bluegills and something big enough to break a 10lb test line. *its always the ones that got away...!
  2. Finally caught two fish that have eluded me. I was fishing from one of the "fishing stations" at Lake Lawson / Lake Smith natural area on Wed 09/30 before ...more the oncoming storm. Dropping an in line hook with a minnow on a jig dropper under a float, caught a nice crappie. Also with a hooked red worm on a hook and bobber, caught my first largemouth bass. It was really small (maybe 1 LB) so I released him, also caught what I would guess is a perch with minnows along with many bluegills on red worms. The storm started to roll in with thunder around noon, then just after I left a downpour. Quite to my dismay, there were a few moments of absolutely wonderful sunny skies. I had expected very cloudy all day with rain.

    2 lb. 10 in. Black Crappie with a Float, hook and jig with small minnow

  3. Details: Bluegill with a Red worm tipped green jig

    I caught a lot of bluegills. Not really mentionable, but I was trolling over a submerged brush pile when a blue gill hit the jig. All of them were pretty small.

    1. Chris Hale 0
      That water's so black you can't see some of them until you're right on top of it.
    2. Jim Winpisinger 0
      Hey Chris, thanks for the question. I have been to Lake Cohoon a few times, Beaverdam once, and Lakes Lawson/Lake Smith in VB quite a few times. I cant seem to ...more buy a Bass or Crappie. The Bluegill and Catfish seem to like me though. lol! I do like Lake Cohoon a lot. There some parts that are downright serene. I forgot to mention about this past trip Monday, the water seemed pretty low. In some of the more secluded areas a lot of the submerged timber were showing above the surface and just barely below the surface. I can laugh now, but I was getting caught on some of those submerged stumps. Had to reverse the troller and us the paddle to push off.
    3. Chris Hale 0
      Have you fished Cohoon much this year? Besides some bluegill like you we haven't had much action.
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  4. My Brother in law and I were right beside the CBBT in Jan 2012. Just before the High rise. Using live Eel, 10oz. ball weights on a bottom jig.

    Striped Bass with a Live Eels

    1. q carnada es bueno para el bass