1. 15' deep in 84 degree water in 35' of water

    2 lb. 15 in. White Crappie with a minnows

  2. Broad daylight around 1 o'clock in the evening

    20 lb. 6 oz. 36 in. Blue Catfish with a cut crappie

    1. Tim V. 0
    2. Bryan Buckner 0
      Lake Sinclair Ga.
    3. Rhett Dorsey 0
      Where at?
    4. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome catfish!
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  3. Trolling right up on the mud flats

    11 oz. 10 in. Redear Sunfish with a 1/16 road runner

  4. Trolling write up on the mud flats

    1 lb. 11 in. Crappie with a 1/16 curly tail

  5. Spider rigging for crappie

    7 lb. 6 oz. 26 in. Largemouth Bass with a minnow


I started tattooing in 1994 after being in the Navy during Desert Storm. I graduated from North Buncombe high school. My grandfather took me ...more fishing ever since I was two years old and I have enjoyed fishing throughout all my travels.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species pan fish
  • Waterway lake adger
  • Lure crappie jigs