1. Rio Grande Chichlid. I only posted as a sun fish because they didn't have a category for Chichlid. Very rare this far north in this body of water. I think they ...more are considered highly invasive and destructive species here. Anyone correct me if Im wrong, but I think these are supposed to be "removed" from this area. I let her go this time, but will contact TPWD about destroying future catches of this chichlid. Distinctive by the bright turquoise spots and three lobed fins at the back.

    Hybrid Sunfish with a Rooster tail

    1. Jamie Michelle 0
      Taylor correct your English n quit being so "corrective" with everyone. its an app to post for fun. have fun
    2. Taylor Glover 0
      fixing to correct you til i'm read the details! beauty!
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  2. Hooked this baby catfish on a live perch bigger than its head. Wouldn't believe it unless you saw it happen.

    Channel Catfish with a Live perch

  3. Biggest one of the day out of about 6 good catches

    18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Live perch

  4. Caught three this size

    18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Live perch

  5. Took 4 hrs to catch only three about this big.

    Largemouth Bass with a Plastic worm

    1. B. Cole 0
      It is very difficult to catch anything on this lake. Must be very patient.
    2. Andrew Trelly 0
      Nice, I tried worms for four days and didn't catch a thing.
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  6. Taking the boat to canyon lake this week if the weather cooperates, but I aint skurd of a little cold. Drifting live bait and trolling for stripers. Any advice, ...more or anyone want to join....reply ASAP.

    1. Doug Ratliff 0
      I emailed you.
    2. Vic Garcia 0
      Any luck?
    3. B. Cole 0
      19 ft mako pro skiff.
    4. Vic Garcia 0
      What do you fish? I fish A 17.5 Aquasport I’ll be looking for you on the lake
    5. Vic Garcia 0
      What do you fish? I fish A 17.5 Aquasport I’ll be looking for you on the lake
    6. B. Cole 0
      Try to run at 30 - 50 feet deep along the cliffs at the north end of the dam. I see a lot of white bass come out of that corner, but I never have any luck at all ...more myself. It might be too early in the year to try up river, unless you seek catfish. Stick to deep water points and bluufs
    7. Vic Garcia 0
      Going Monday gonna troll with lead core .. let's keep in touch, I know nothing of the lake.. gonna have some fun
    8. B. Cole 0
      Sorry, autocorrect messed it up. Email is mr.bdcole@Gmail.com
    9. B. Cole 0
      Email me directly. Mr.become@Gmail.com
    10. Sean Larvenz 0
      I would like to go with you.
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  7. fishing canyon lake tomorrow, looking for anyone who wants to come along. 19ft skiff. drifting live bait for stripers, possibly trolling some lures too. going ...more to hit the water around 10am. contact me if you want to join

    1. B. Cole 0
      Have not been on the water in a couple months. Canyon lake has not been friendly to my boat.
    2. Are you still hitting the strippers ?? I have come across some really good spots for the strippers at night but I haven't had much luck during the day. I'm ...more doing something wrong or just not surching them out good enough.
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  8. found this guy in one of our crab traps. Have no idea how he fit through the gate

    Atlantic Stingray with a crab trap

  9. trolling an unbrella lure of inline spinner baits super slow through big bayou near california hole. the only fish worth keeping for the whole day.

    14 in. Spotted Seatrout with a spinnerbait

  10. Caught three of these. Free lining shrimp on the bottom.

    11 in. Spotted Seatrout with a Live shrimp


Love to kayak and fish. Hope my posts and feedback will help others.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species bass, catfish, redfish
  • Waterway Lake Bastrop, Rockport
  • Lure Live Bait