1. headed out to cowan this morning. never been, wish me luck. ill be the one in the red champion wandering around!

    1. Aaron Wesselman 0
      yeah I caught one I could see but the clarity makes it tough to see them locked onto their beds. you gotta hit em on the head.
    2. Tyler Curry 0
      Sounds like they're spawning.
    3. Aaron Wesselman 0
      temp was 65 and maybe 12 inches of visibility.
    4. Tyler Curry 0
      I'm going to Cowan tomorrow morning. What's the water temp and clarity?
    5. Aaron Wesselman 0
      thanks Tyler I caught two off the island. And thanks John, put in a couple hours this morning. Didnt whack em but it beats being at home!
    6. John Fitch 0
      Good luck Aaron.
    7. Tyler Curry 0
      Try the Island.
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  2. wanting to make a day trip down to barren or green river. ive never been there and have only read about either of the lakes here in the past couple weeks. probably ...more this weekend or next. i guess my questions are; which lake? what marina/ramp? and general areas? are the fish pre, spawning, or post? i appreciate any information. im trying to escape southwestern ohio as many weekends as possible this year! lol

  3. pea gravel patch off chunk rock point

    3 lb. 12 oz. 20 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Carolina Rigged Craw

  4. outside weedline

    3 lb. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a Shakey Head

    1. Eddie Goode 0
  5. anyone have a recent water temp for Caesars Creek? fishing tuesday and thursday this week.

  6. anybody have a current water temp for Caesars Creek?

    1. Tyler Curry 0
      I fished a lake this past Tuesday that's 20 minutes from Caeser Creek and the water temp there was 55.
  7. Caught both working lay downs. Largemouth and Smallmouth.

    2 lb. 3 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    1. brian shigley 0
      Here is an article regarding spawning habitat for smallies. It would require some money and time and also the use of a pontoon or work boat to place them in the ...more water. Not many guys would be using their expensive bass boats for this. I can think of a couple of good places to put these, the first one being near the damn where rocks would be great cover for little bass. but you would also want anglers to avoid fishing these beds.

    2. Aaron Wesselman 0
      i think if it was somehow organized people would donate to the cause. sand isnt expensive and a couple hundred dollars could provide the habitat needed. obviously ...more the more money the better but a start is just that, a start.
    3. brian shigley 0
      If some volunteers added sand spawning beds CC would have a great smally population. It has been done in other locations. When the lake was young it wasn't ...more unusual to catch a lot of nice fish
    4. Aaron Wesselman 0
      not a monster by any means but that was by far the biggest I've caught out there. most of the ones I run into are the little 8-10 inch feisty fellas haha. and ...more always around long lay downs extending 10-20 feet outward from the bank.
    5. Dave Miller 0
      That's awesome... I didn't realize that there were any smallies in Caesar's Creek.
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  8. Fishing a hump in the main lake and caught a 4 or 5 about this size.

    1 lb. 6 oz. 16 in. White Bass with a Minnow

    1. Steverino Martino 0
      I used to fish for striped Bass. They are MOSTLY a mild white meat, BUT there is a brown stripe down the middle. You want to clean that stripe OUT or it gives it ...more a very fishy strong unpleasant flavor. If you clean it right I bet this would be a good eating fish.
    2. Aaron Wesselman 0
      We didn't keep them because we weren't sure how good they are to eat. I came home and talked to my grandfather and he said they aren't bad, but sort ...more of oily. Using 8 foot UL crappie rods it was a blast catching them. Heck of a fight compared to the crappie we were originally after!
    3. Steverino Martino 0
      Awesome! I hope to be out there in a few weeks. Never caught a white bass. I heard they aren't too bad to eat?
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  9. Went out crappie fishing and ended up catching about 40 White Bass around 12 inches. Doubles left and right. Also caught a few 16 inches as well.

    1 lb. 12 in. White Bass with a Minnows

  10. Caught right up on the bank just inside the mouth of a creek. Back side of the point essentially.

    3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Buckeye Flat Top Finesse Jig w/ Rage Craw Trailer

    1. Aaron Wesselman 0
      It's Buckeyes 'Perfect Craw'. Been having a lot of success lately on a Strike King 1/4 oz Baby Structure Jig in 'Blue Craw' with a 'Summer ...more Craw' Rage Craw trailer too, I think the slower fall rate as benefited me vs the 3/8 I usually flip. good luck man!
    2. Dawson Thompson 0
      What color was the finesse jig? I gotta tournament up there soon I wanna have as many baits and colors tied on as possible so I have a wide verity and a lot f ways ...more to catch them
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