1. 221 in. Smallmouth Bass with a June 9, 2019 evening 8:30 pm 2’ red Keith he swim bait

    1. bob g 0
      nice fish Tom have not seen you post in a while hope all is well
    2. Scott S 0
      Nice smallie
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  2. 19 in. Smallmouth Bass with a May 22, 2019 NCC 19” in 4’

  3. NCC point

    14 in. Smallmouth Bass with a keitech

    1. bob g 0
      tanks will do
    2. Tom Taccetta 0
      see you in the spring....try and stay warm.
    3. bob g 0
      freezing in nj/pa :) very nice enjoy catch a bunch
    4. Tom Taccetta 0
      I will be fishing in Venice Fl. how about you?
    5. bob g 0
      you are welcome glad you had a good season, do you do any ice fishing ?
    6. Tom Taccetta 0
      Thanks everyone for all the likes. It's been a good season.
    7. Tom Taccetta 0
      thank you Bob G...
    8. Bobby Clark 0
      That's a nice bluefish! lol
    9. Tom Taccetta 0
      I just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention....lmas ...thanks guys
    10. Curt Wilkins 0
      That is a largemouth bass, not a smallie.
    11. MAC WAGNER 0
      Tom, Are you sure that's a Smallie??? Well I'm old and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Either way that's a good catch...
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  4. Light showers by NCC point

    18 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Senko

    1. Tom Taccetta 0
      Thank you...
    2. MAC WAGNER 0
      Great Smallie Tom !!!!!
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  5. 9/21/16. 12:15pm caught a 15.5 " smallmouth same place and bait.

  6. 9/20/16. 7:10 pm. Casting into bait fish pod by Teds house caught a 15.5" smallmouth on the same black 4" Senko.

  7. 9/16/16. 6:15pm caught this 28" walleye in about 12' water on a 4" Senko near boat shop

    1. bob g 0
      very nice eye on a senko wow :)
  8. 9/16/16 12:15pm caught this 16.5 " smallmouth off of Eppy Island on a 4" Senko in 10' of water.

  9. 9/13/16 7:30pm caught this 19" smallmouth casting into shore in about 4" of water on the south side of beach cove.

  10. 9/8/16 12:00 pm I got this 15.5 " smallmouth in 8' on the north side of Lyons Cove with a 4" Keitech dark green. Is there someone who can tell me ...more a go to bait and technique when you are on top of a school of fish in say 20 to 25 ' of water. I haven't had any luck trying different methods and baits. Thanks.


Live on the lake fishing it for 13 years. Always interested in finding new ways to catch fish. Have caught many different species on various ...more lures using different techniques. Usual fish alone.

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