1. Game fish opener the first weekend of May. One of many giant smallmouth we caught that weekend

    6 lb. 7 oz. Smallmouth Bass

    1. Awesome
    2. Robert Coleman
      Holy $#%@ !!!!!!! Now THAT'S a Smallie!
    3. That's a monster smallie
    4. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice Smallie Bill! That's a chunker for sure.
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  2. Nice little 2.4 LBS from the St Johns River in Brevard County. Today at 4:20, on a purple 6" paddle tail Producto.

    1. Morris Campbell
      That's a Nice looking bass! Good work Don.
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass Don!!
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  3. Scrolling through photos of this past ice season. Forgot to post what I think was my finest crappie of the ice season. Lake Geneva late ice.

    1. Rich Pardy
      Nice crappie!!
  4. I was up in De Pere this past weekend catching walleyes. Its only going to get better from here ladies and gents!

    1. Antonio Terry
      Where you fishing at
    2. Jimbo Harwood
      sweet.. nice catch. and thanks for the info.. I got a few over the weekend too.. on some swimbaits.. scatter shads.. and Flicker minnows..
    3. Bill Smith
      1/4 jig head and a minnow. Vertical jigging
    4. Jimbo Harwood
      Looks like a nice double to me.. what did you hit them on.??.. If you DONT mind me asking.
    5. Melissa Norris
      nice work😀
    6. Bill Smith
    7. Jon Reznack
      Rich stop hitting on Bill... he does have good lookin eyes though... lol lol
    8. Rich Pardy
      Nice eyes!!
    9. nice pair!
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  5. Black Crappie with a Maki Bloodie

    1. Elliott Jacobson
      that's not on the flowage.. that's on the river south of the dam.. pretty good spot for walleye and crappies though
    2. Jimbo Harwood
      nice bill.. nothing better the. a mess of crappie.. lol
    3. Bill Smith
      Thanks! Yeah, we caught a good fish fry worth. Out there
    4. Jimbo Harwood
      good eater there. nice catch... did you get a few more with that one Bill?
    5. Rich Pardy
      nice crappie!!
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  7. Walleyes off the Wilderness launch

    Walleye with a minnows

    1. Ray Bied
    2. Ben Ford
      Nice eye!
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice walleye!!
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  8. Jigging for big gills

    Bluegill with a drop jig by clam

    1. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch! Is that ice thick enough, it looks clear?
    2. Jimbo Harwood
      awesome photo. and what a clean looking gill.. what's that a 10incher
    3. Drew Gierach
      Awesome photo!
    4. Rich Pardy
      Nice gill!!
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  9. Catching crappies before dark

    Black Crappie with a clam snow drop jig and wax worm

    1. Bill Smith
      East side. Across from the public launch.
    2. Nick Ertman
      nice crappie bill! not looking for your spot but was curious what end of the lake you were fishing I'm heading out there Saturday going off the public launch!
    3. Nick Ertman
      Nice crappie Bill! not looking for
    4. Jon Reznack
      I love that lake for Bass fishing. Ice fishing, it becomes the dead sea for me.
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  10. Black Crappie with a clam snow drop XL:Sour Cherry

  11. Fish where suspended about 2-3 ft off the bottom

    Bluegill with a clam snow drop Xl: Sour Cherry

    1. Lonnie Garlock
      Where on lake koshkonong


I have been fishing most of my life like the rest of you. Born and raised in Wisconsin. I love chasing anything with fins.

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