1. 16 in. Tautog with a crab

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      Thanks! I'll be out there early next week.
    2. David Plank 0
      Rock piles, 8-16 ft
    3. Jonathan Chin 0
      What kind of structure were you working? What was the depth? Nice looking fish! Next week I'm hoping to get my first keeper of the year.
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice one, i'm going to try to catch my first big one this year!
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  2. Bluefish with a bucktail

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice feisty bluefish!
    2. Mike Dean 0
      Nice one Dave!
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  3. Keeper striper

    Striped Bass with a bucktail

    1. David Plank 0
      Caught this one in Fairfield, CT
    2. Jonathan Chin 0
      Was this LI Sound on the CT or NY side? I've been itching for some surf action, but I'm unsure of where to go right now to meet up with some fish like this.
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  4. Striped Bass with a bass assassin

  5. Largemouth Bass with a duo realis popper 64

  6. Striped Bass with a zoom fluke

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      Nice! Was this on a jig head or offset hook? What depth were you fishing? Any more?
  7. 29 in. Striped Bass with a yozuri sashimi pencil

  8. Largemouth Bass with a poppin pad crasher

  9. Largemouth Bass with a poppin pad crasher

  10. Hybrid Striped Bass with a super spook

Fishing Favorites

  • Species striped bass
  • Waterway old hickory lake
  • Lure hollow body frog