1. 16 lb. 2 oz. stripper with a cut bait

    1. Michael Baginski 0
  2. stripe bass with a cut bait

  3. any tips on locating the bigger catfish here

  4. looking to make a trip up here after the giant blues anyone got any tips

    1. Derrick tamor 0
      Thanks man i will sure give it a try
    2. Richard ray 0
      if you are headed there soon i would go to flint creek and flip the bushes with a jig or texas rigged creature bait. you may also want to try the main point at the ...more mouth of flint for post spawn bass with a 5XD crankbait or Carolina Rigged greenpumpkin brushhog. Goodluck!
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  5. Details: 10 lb. 24 in. stripe and channel cat with a skipjack

    small channels and one larger stripper

  6. Details: channel cat with a cut bait

    bottom fish with HUGE weight and try and hit the middle of the river currents very strong

  7. Details: 24 lb. 4 oz. 37 in. blue cat with a cut bait

    cut skipjack little weight letting the current carry bait until it stopped

  8. Details: skipjack & hybrids with a crappie jigs and skipjack

    more bait fish and big stripes and hybrids than you can catch right in the rapids

Fishing Favorites

  • Species catfish
  • Waterway chattahoochee river
  • Lure skipjack