1. She was a Fighter, even right at the bank!!!

    15 lb. 24 in. Spoted Bass with a WackyWorm

    1. Jesse Soto 0
      Any luck at the perch pond lately?
    2. Alex Webb 0
      One thang to say that that is not 15 don't lie I have caught plenty of fish to know that
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  2. Great Catches

    Spotted Bass with a WackyWorm

  3. Jigging for Croppy! Didn't know I was in her Bed! I Unknowingly Flipped my Jig Right on Top of Her! I pulled my Jig 1' Towards me paused it, and 3Sec, She ...more took my Jig, and Barely Moved my Corck. I Thought She was a Big Croppy!!! Surprise!!!

    7 lb. Spotted Bass with a Bobby Garland Glo

    1. Deleted 0
      Hi! You're looking Cute! Message me at my wеbpagе.http://bit.do/AliceMayer Find me by name Alice89 I'll show you my private pics, or we can try something ...more more ;-)
      when you find me there - let me know
    2. Scuba Steve 0
      Nice fish!!
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  4. Cork and Fly, with a Slow Retrieve around Brush.

    Croppy with a Cork and Trout Fly

  5. Are There any Croppy here???

    1. Pat Adame 0
      I've never caught any but I'm told there are some.


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