1. Walleye

    1. Dan Hixon 0
      Beautiful fish. Where's a decent place to fish on the little Spokane
    2. Kalima Horton 0
      Going fishing tonight
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  2. night fishing for eyes is the best

    5 lb. 4 oz. Walleye with a fire tiger

    1. Brad Stout 0
      That's cool. I understand .
    2. tyrone horton 0
      Brad it's all in the details of how, where, with what and when... thanks though
    3. Brad Stout 0
      How about more details where and how do you do it?
      Great catch
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  3. my buddy and I catching eyes at night


  4. Night fishing for eyes, always a good time...

    walleye with a rapala fire tiger

  5. 4 lb. small mouth + walleye with a rapala fire tiger

  6. 100+ 10inch an up

    crappie with a Berkley power bait

  7. Details: weed line and dropoff

  8. Caught by my uncle Robert... aka Mr Mo...

    4 lb. 4 oz. 24 in. small mouth bass with a crappie jig

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Man thats a heck of a catch on a crappie jig, nice one!!
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      What a monster smallmouth! Great catch!
    3. marques molett 0
      yes sir. Pops put it down, that smalley is a beast
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  9. 4 lb. 6 oz. 18 in. state record crappie with a berkley

    1. tyrone horton 0
      Thanks Rich, made the mount myself
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Cool mount and one big Crop!!!
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species crappie
  • Waterway long lake / Bonney lake
  • Lure Berkley baits