1. slip boober

    4 lb. 8 oz. 20 in. 2 bass with a leeches

    1. Max Woronicz 0
      You should learn how to catch and release. This is the reason why these lakes get out fished. It's disgusting.
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome pair of bass!
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  2. slip boober

    8 lb. 6 oz. 21 in. 2 Largemouth Bass with a leeches

    1. Chris smith 0
      I agree LMD should be released. Going to Delavan next would love to catch a bass over 20 in.
    2. Mike Sopocy 0
      So did u CPR those .. Catch photo and release them?.. No reason to keep Bass...
    3. Mike P 0
      Hope you released them
    4. Brett Yahnke 0
      Love the fish but catch and release on bass! Haha nice fish though!
    5. Vince Kluth 0
      Nice catch! I hope you had a buddy with you though because possession of LMB on Delavan is limited to one. Hopefully someone will enjoy catching them when they're ...more 22"!
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  3. slip boober

    11 lb. 25 in. 3 walleye with a leeches

    1. Mike P 0
      Nice fish good catch to bad you didn't release them
    2. Nick Lemke 0
      How deep?
    3. nick emkow 0
      Nice catch !!! U fishing out of a boat or on shore?
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  4. slip boober

    4 lb. 20 in. bass with a leeches

    1. phil wise 0
      why did you take a bass into your basement...they belong IN the lake.
  5. slip boober

    5 lb. 20 in. bass with a leeches

  6. boobers

    6 lb. 27 in. walleye and bass limit with a leeches

    1. Mike P 0
      Same questions why keep the bass ?catch and release you can buy fish at the store to eat
    2. Brent S 0
      Why keep the bass??
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