1. 5# bass on Lakewood Estate ,Danville

  2. crappie, Redear, Bluegill

    1. J C 0
      You didnt catch that at raccoon
    2. Dave Randles 0
      largest redear I ever saw
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  3. Rockville Lake Park

    Crappie fishing

    1. Dave Randles 0
      large crappie
  4. crappie, Redear, Bluegill with a redworm, minnows

    1. Dave Randles 0
      caught crappie too
  5. Details: blue gills with a red worm

    Caught 12 nice gills around a lone stump

  6. Details: crappie with a live minnow

    Caught 8 crappie in this location


Live in Indiana,retired,fish where I can.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species crappie,bluegill,bass,
  • Waterway Indiana-Illinios lakes and ponds
  • Lure jigs,bass everything