1. Details: 3 lb. 19 in. Smallmouth Bass with a orange crank bait

    some weeds, muddy bottom, caught several pike in the same area

    1. bill anderson 0
      Try Walleye Lodge next time.
    2. Rob Musser 0
      Thanks for all your comments, will help me be ready
    3. Chance Schultz 0
      I'm going to give you some info that may help your stay. I'm not doing this to badmouth the lodge because we enjoyed our stay and the fishing. All of this ...more is as of last week. 1) There are no radios or TVs. I'm glad I took a portable radio. 2) Cellphone service is sketchy. I have AT&T and usually had either no service or one bar. My son had something else (Verizon or Sprint) and it wasn't much better. 3) There was no WIFI. 4) not sure oif the weather for when you are going, buty I'm glad I had long johns and insulated boots, there was a major front that came thru. 5) Don't expect a big breakfast, It was waffles, toast, bagels and cereal. My son usually has eggs and bacon and such, he wasn't filled up for a day fishing. 6) If you like Kool-aid and lemonade, you are ok but I needed something else. 7) if you want sweets or dessert, bring your own. 8) Guides were good but they were also having a little trouble catching fish at times. 9) The Lake Superior trip was good, we all aught out limits of lake trout.10) I caught one pike from the south end of the dock, only 22" though. 11) we used leeches and nightcrawlers, they may be cheaper if you bring your own, bur they weren't too bad up there. GOOD LUCK, tell everyone there that Chance and Andrew said HI. Let me know how you do, I'll let you know if I think of anything else.
    4. Rob Musser 0
      Yes cast and blast.
    5. Chance Schultz 0
      Are you staying at Cast and Blast or elsewhere?
    6. Rob Musser 0
      That is where I will be next week, thanks for info
    7. Chance Schultz 0
      Caught one on a grub jig with a leech and the others were caught on a red orange crank bait(same bait I caught the smallie on). The pike were only 15"-19", ...more but at least I caught some. Not as real good fishing week but we caught as much as other people staying at Cast and Blast Lodge.
    8. Rob Musser 0
      Sounds good, what were pike hitting on?
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  2. White Bass were chasing minnows along the shoreline.

    White Bass-6 with a 2" plastic shad lures

    1. Kimberly Lange 0
  3. Details: 15 in. White Bass with a soft plastic shad lures

    white bass were chasing shad, breaking surface all over in the cove. this went on for several hours. biggest was about 15"

  4. Details: 12 oz. 10 in. White Bass with a yellow marabou jig

  5. Details: 12 oz. 10 in. White Bass with a yellow marabou jig

  6. Details: 1 lb. 8 oz. Channel Catfish with a live cricket

    grandson's first catfish


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