1. that's awesome if u do something you love you'll never work a day in your life I'm sure you'll find the time make sure you do its the best therapy ...more there is

  2. that's crazy that's exactly where we used to fish when I was a kid nice beautiful bass

    1. Dennis Basler 0
      Thanks Bud. It's great fishin on the river.
  3. I dream about the day I catch one like that hopefully it'll be on a top water after I break that 10lb mark using artificial presentation I Def would like to ...more try golden shiners on the big O florida

  4. my grandparents lived in canajaharie used to fish the locks for smallies and suckers is I t same place

    1. Dennis Basler 0
      We float from Herkimer to lock 18 in Little Falls.
  5. Jacob Anderson I think you should read what I wrote about bedfishing because even if I'm not right about all the facts you acyu as ll asked that was question ...more and care and it all makes sense and there's a solution why in NY can u not target till mid June even in tournaments but season is way shorter here in va you can fish successfully for bass all year so why can't we give them they're spawning time alone cuz fall down here can be just as good NY largemouth are different when we go to fall it's so fast and the nightime lows shut things down quick in va we still have mild nights do water Temps don't drop so fast putting fish into winter mode I can remember in late September having best days on the water ever then one cold front with nightie lows stops season even if weather bounces back

  6. I think if ur fun fishing and gonna release immediately without moving boat and maybe use a barb less hook is fine tournament bedfishing is Def detrimental all the ...more stress of being caught kept weighed then released miles away from the beds that were built by the male they chose then being released same spot with other spawning females who just lost they're bed and mate u would think within days of all those releases u should be able to check immedate area from release and find a ton of beds but that's not the case most of those fish will not spawn that season these females along with the males have been slowly moving and adjusting as temp rises changing positions and locations and staging as weather permits allowing they're body's to adjust during this period they finally acclamated and found and prepared bed in comfortable depth and temp and started process with male or males they chose being captured even if put in same temp water is not same to baromic pressure sunlight waterfowl all conditions they chose and bodies allowed to start process take a pregnant woman 9 months pregnant from they're environment put them in a refrigerated or heated Rollercoaster and drop them in different country away from family what's odds of successful birth

    1. joey blaszkiewicz 0
      in most states u cannot target largemouth bass till 2nd Saturday in June but tournaments have a little lenience with Dec and state regs cuz of the economy developed ...more by these events and I've been fishing long enough to know in most places in the country that prespawn fishing can produce biggest fish of year bed or no bed
  7. U can go to any beach on northern side of LI especially east end cast a calm and catch a porgie or half a dozen any rock or jetty formation will hold them now a ...more deeper rock vain from a boat can produce some that are truly humungous f or the species imagine a 4lb sunfish but way more delicious and fiesty not to menton cunning fresh clamp not cheap same fish can steal ur bait more times than u can count makes the hookup even that more gratifying

  8. I love just seeing a post from the sound check out my page you'll see southshore fatties and inland stripers from smith point bridge bluefish blitz on Shinnecock ...more jetty

  9. I just probably pissed a guy off just be in honest he showed a 10lb largemouth caught on a shiner in Florida I told him I've yet to pass that 10lb mark and if ...more I caught it that way it wouldn't count there's something about using something man made in a manner to convince a fish especially one that lived long enough to get that big to bite I can put an earthworm on a hook and bobber and it's on but what about gettin one to eat I fly I tied or a mini spinner I don't hunt but a hunter would understand that concept now if I already broke my 10lb mark and just wanted to catch as many lunker in one day as possible on my first trip to ocheechobe still a great day

    1. joey blaszkiewicz 0
      I hope he understood what I was saying I wasn't trying to be a dock if they're eating sunnies you don't throw shad
    2. Pete Garm 0
      Morris Campbell is a good dude and angler. he always catches hog monsters
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  10. on long Island every April 1st they would stock the hatchery trout around the ponds of LI u could get a report of where what size and how many so for about a month ...more any pond on that list would receive tremendous pressure and then all of a sudden no one fishing these places I remember hearing people say that lake only has the stock trout these were some of the best largemouth bass fishing lakes around a ny bass is a little different than others deep colors and even small fish got shoulders that's protein from eating fingerling trout then no one targeting them most long island lakes are under 6ft with lots of vegatation the spots that received pressure for trout were the dams falls or creeks leading in or out everything else untouched I miss the trout stocking on LI we wait all winter for trout season then most go to saltwater as it warms up that's why there's a lot of hidden bass gems in plain site wahaha


grew up fishing on southshore long island ny now live in south va

Fishing Favorites

  • Species saltwater stripes and largemouth bass
  • Waterway Atlantic Ocean off long island NY
  • Lure love top waters and flukes