1. Details: walleye perch rock pile with a hali

    1. solly schultz 0
      So me and two of my buddies are going to devils lake mid febuary and are staying at Bayview resort . I seen you marked a rock pile across from it. Was just wondering ...more if you could give me some spots to start since I have no idea about the lake. Thanks
    2. Wyatt Jelinek 0
      Oh we were at rocky point, caught some eyes but were small. We nailed them about a month and a half ago at golden highway. I got a 15 1/2 Incher and with 5 people ...more limited out. Only caught 3 walleyes tho
    3. Anthony G 0
      little ones nothing of decent size but has potential
    4. Wyatt Jelinek 0
      How many
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  2. Its been a tough bite this year. If us fisherman could use each other , wont have to drill 30 +holes thank you

    1. Anthony G 0
      I here you but I have given up on perch this year to much shrimp they could care less about my minnow heads, I chase eyes now and constantly looking for new areas ...more to fish,


I like to fish devils lake and surrounding lakes,have a hand held gps where I can mark way pts of interest, I have some 300+ marked pts but I ...more would never be able to search them all. Lake Irvine, mikes, chain, dry, stump,pelican, and devils.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye
  • Waterway devils lake north dakota #1 out of state destination for walleye in the country.
  • Lure anything with gold on it works beabs beabs lots and lots of gold