1. Details: schools on schools

  2. schools of bass

    Smallmouth Bass with a wax

    1. A b 0
      Hey, are there any cracks in the ice for regular fishing, as in spring and summer type fishing?
  3. dodge park boat launch

    34 in. northern with a tip up

    1. Tyler Hrutkay 0
      why havent I ever seen you there? Last year I ice fished Grundergut bay so often
  4. northern

    1. Rich cummings 0
      nice fish, i was on cass that day caught a 29in pike let it go,,lol
  5. cast and retrieving

    24 in. walleye with a artificial worm

  6. Details: walleye corner

    walleye corner

    1. brandyn harris 0
      3ft crawler harness running with 1 3/4 - 2oz weight stay between 15-20ft
    2. Jason Light 0
      Or just a plain old walleye rig? Was thinking of hitting that later this evening and fish into the dark.
    3. Jason Light 0
      Gotcha...I know where that is. Like 10-20 ft. You had any luck with bottom bouncers?
    4. brandyn harris 0
      I tried to mark the sandbar. come out of dodge park, hit a right. there's a oval sand bar. my land mark is a swimming area with a swim platform off.
    5. Jason Light 0
      Where is walleye corner at? I am back in the Guts and have not heard of walleye corner.
    6. Tyler Hrutkay 0
      There's a Cash for Bass tourny there Wednesday night at 6pm-9pm. $50 entry you can bring a partner.
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  7. trolling off my jetski lol

    1. brandyn harris 0
      troll with 3ft crawler harness about 15-20ft of water hitting sandbars and deeper sides of beds. you'll limit on a good day.
    2. brandyn harris 0
      that's odd, DNR loaded Cass with half million walleye back in 08-12... which ever walleye made it should be eaters now
    3. Tyler Hrutkay 0
      Very nice. I've never caught a walleye there even though i'm always drop shotting smallies
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  8. Nice walleye trolling a sand bar in the middle of cass

Fishing Favorites

  • Species small mouth
  • Waterway Cass lake, sylvan lake and green lake
  • Lure Top water rigs