1. Went to the river today and caught a mixed bag the two bass were on crankbaits and the catfish was on a live bluegill. And the buffalo I just snagged. There are ...more tons of carp and buffalo everywhere in this creek I just don't know how to get them. They are usually always in snaggy spots around wood piles but there are plenty that are just swimming around. But they won't take bread or corn any ideas?

    White Bass

    1. JLoya 0
      Bowfish them and force feed em arrows
    2. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      I hear corn flakes mixed with big red and made into dough balls work well
    3. Bob Bob 0
      Either like the buffalo and common carp how can I catch these finicky fish
    4. Bob Bob 0
      I also hooked a 30 pound grass carp in the mouth with a crankbait do they normally eat minnows or something I though it was very starve but sadly he came off the ...more grass carp won't eat bread or corn
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Had a successful trip to the creek yesterday with @flomofisher234 we caught largemouth white bass spotted bass gar catfish but no carp unfortunately. This creek ...more is loaded with carp and buffalo but they just school up on log jams and you can't really reach them without getting snagged does anyone have any ideas on how to get them. And this bass happens to be my PB at 6.5 pounds๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

    1. Bob Bob 0
      @bristerconser05 yeah sorry but everybody who I've told that spot they trash it and nothing make me more angry than people leaving garbage everywhere
    2. bristerconser05 0
      Guessing it's a secret
    3. Bob Bob 0
      @bristerconser05 the water it's a great spot
    4. bristerconser05 0
      Where at?
    5. Bob Bob 0
      @flomofisher234 I meant to say snaggy
    6. flomofisher234 0
      Snafu creek?
    7. Bob Bob 0
      I also saw a freshwater drum cruising around but couldn't catch him I tried nightcrwalers but the bluegills just got to it first any tips on him to catch them ...more in a snafu creek
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  3. Details: Spotted Bass

    Went to this creek yesterday and had a tough time catching fish with @bOb123456789bob we caught a few catfish and some spotted bass this one was mine. But we have ...more a hard time catching them we were out there for a long time. This creek also has drum and gar im pretty sure but havnt seen or caught any yet in this spot. The water is always fast flowing which makes fishing harder and there is no bank

    1. Harrisonmcmahan 0
    2. Brett Sultemeier 0
      Try a small strike king spinner bait or a jig with a tube for a trailer that's what I have my luck in
    3. Bob Bob 0
      Thanks I have some but I havnt tried them yet but I will @treypotter
    4. treypotter 0
      Worked for me in ponds
    5. treypotter 0
      That has a weed guard on it, it has work
    6. treypotter 0
      For bass I recommend a 3 inch brown sinko wacky rigged with on a little shiner hook
    7. Bob Bob 0
      And the catfish were caught off of no this is not a typo gummy worms!๐Ÿ˜‚
    8. Bob Bob 0
      At all how could I catch fish here and what should I try to do I only got one on minnows the rest were on cranks also very snaggy and I have a small area to fish ...more any tips? There are also sand bass
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  4. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass

    Caught in a creek that comes from grapevine lake my first ever striped bass maybe I thought it's was a white bass but on close examination it looks to be a baby ...more striped bass.

    1. Bob Bob 0
      Oh thanks it's a new fish for me @Jack_oster77
    2. Jack_oster77 0
      Look at my last post, thats a striper
    3. Jack_oster77 0
      Regular stripers are not that round
    4. Jack_oster77 0
      That is a hybrid striper
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  5. Details: Spotted Bass

    Around twin coves cranking the rocks gave me this 2 pounder

    1. andrews_fishing 0
      You've mastered it? That's a small fish
    2. Bob Bob 0
      Lol I've pretty much mastered it @whitebass_81
    3. whitebass_81 0
      That long arm ๐Ÿ˜‚
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Tb to this nice one a few days before Christmas at a pond nearly the size of my swimming pool by far biggest one in there๐Ÿ‹

    1. chasefish 0
      Where did u catch that
  7. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Made my own lure yesterday out of paper clips and a soda bottle I'll have to try it soon

  8. Details: Blue Catfish

    My friend lives on g vine lake so he's super lucky. So I can't resist ditching him for a bit to go fishing. I Casted out to a big cluster of underwater dead ...more trees and in ten minutes get this guy sadly I had to go back up to his house but I'll be back and maybe I can get him to come down too.

    1. Bob Bob 0
      I see you on fishing crew
    2. Bob Bob 0
    3. Bob Bob 0
    4. Bob Bob 0
    5. Jbird85 0
      Nice fish man!!
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  9. Details: American Shad

    So went to the small little creek behind my house and I saw this guy swimming at the surface I think he was sick but he didn't seem that great. So anyways this ...more is very wierd because I have never seen one in the creek and it was acting wiered and ate a bare hook. It was an odd catch anybody have an idea what's going on

    1. Bob Bob 0
      Haha @loganlane
    2. loganlane 0
      Bare hook? Sounds like a suicide:)
    3. Zachary McLeod 0
      Maybe parasite
    4. tacticalscissors 0
      Well that's a pretty big shad
    5. gavinck 0
      Bet it was a bass
    6. Bob Bob 0
      @tacticalscissors Im not sure what because nothing in there is big
    7. tacticalscissors 0
      Looks like something got a hold of him and he got away
    8. John Tellier 0
      zombie shad??? lol
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  10. Details: Spotted Bass

    Caught this at the creek is it a largemouth or a spotted

    1. KyleMac 0
    2. Wyatt Prappas 0
      deffinantly largemouth
    3. Wyatt Prappas 0
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