1. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Anybody got a report on Erie?

  2. Anybody gotta report on Lake Erie?

  3. Have u been to Chickamagua latley

    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Nope not since March 18th
  4. Anyone got a report for me on lake Chickamaga I'm headed down on Thursday for four days?

    1. James Kester 0
      I was out a few days ago and I'll be out Friday and Saturday. I'm talking way past Soddy and on below possum I've been catching them both ways shallow ...more as 1 foot and deep as maybe 16 feet. That's the deal. They all move at their own speed but water temp is climbing good so they'll be going if they haven't yet
    2. Josh Freed 0
      Were you out today James? How far up were you. Fished Soddy and Possum and very few spawners!
    3. Josh Freed 0
      Fished Soddy today! Caught a 7-7!
    4. James Kester 0
      They're mostly moving shallow but there are still some on rocky points and still Pre spawn. It depends on which end. They're full blown spawn on the upper ...more end. Lower end seems to be 2-3 weeks behind that. Water temp is right so they should be moving now at 65+ degrees
    5. Mark Hickey 0
      What part of the lake u fishing
    6. Jon White 0
      I had a lot of luck finding some sandy lake beds using a Texas rigged lizard trying for the spawning bass
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