1. Heading out to fox lake, noticed you marked some spots, what were you catching?

    1. Benjamin Zwack 0
      Made it out to fox. Wasn't able to produce a single bite between the 3 of us fishing. Hope to make it back out abdominal try again soon
    2. mike jansen 0
      Good luck on the perch. I've had real good luck at cannon lake near fairbault for perch. Decent size between 9 and 11 inches. Jigging shad raps and bug jigs ...more with a waxie or two
    3. Benjamin Zwack 0
      Had auger issues! Couldn't fish I hope to make it there soon I appreciate your tip. I'll let you know how that goes but I'm going to try to pull some ...more perch out of crystal today
    4. mike jansen 0
      Did you get to fox yet? Curious to hear how you did!
    5. Benjamin Zwack 0
      Ended up not making it to fox ill be trying it this Friday
    6. mike jansen 0
      How did it go at fox?
    7. mike jansen 0
      Usually walleyes at fox (forgot to answer your question)
    8. mike jansen 0
      I've had real good luck in those spots in years past, however this year I was there (fox) only once and caught 8"-9" perch. Bright red- orange colored ...more hooks. With a fathead and a split shot with a slip bobber as your dead stick and a jigging rap as your attention getter was a deadly combo in past winters. I always seem to forget about fox.............good luck
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  2. I have not had much luck with walleyes this winter. I did catch one saturday close to the dam on byllesby near (cannon falls). 37' deep in the big mud flats, ...more staight out from the dam. Marked tons of fish but the bite was not there! Caught another one further away from the dam about a month ago. Those are the only two walleyes for me this winter. I was at cannon lake near fairbault quite a bit earlier this winter and caught tons of decent size perch and now I hear they are catching walleyes on anything you put down. Hard to fish because it's so big and flat (and shallow). Not much to key on to start at cannon. Just have to move around til you find the schools of fish. It's boom or bust there. Good luck!

  3. Good to know. Let me know how your next trip to orchard goes

    1. Benjamin Zwack 0
      out from the beach where Mike Jansen marked "slobs"
    2. Michael Tilton 0
      What part of the lake and what depth were you fishing?
    3. Benjamin Zwack 0
      Fished orchard last night. Had steady 6-9 inch crappies from 630pm-1030pm
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  4. Been there once this year. Caught an upper 20'' northern jigging a shad rap in 13' of water just out from fishing pier off the west park. Some sunnies ...more and small perch too. Friends of mine had caught some walleyes in December in that general area. A few were over 20".

  5. Yeah it wasn't easy moving around with all the wind. Would have liked to move around a lot more but wind forced me to just hunker down. At least I was able to ...more catch a real nice northen by hunkering down. Will definitely give it another try and hopefully the weather corporates next time. You ever give Marion a try?

  6. You're pretty tuff to out exploring a new place on a day like today! Atleast you caught something. Nothing but very small crappies for me yesterday and they ...more really were fussy

  7. I fishes orchard this morning. Wind was blowing so hard was hard to get the spots I wanted to go so I had to tuck in just south of the point. Was able to catch a ...more really nice northen, decent size perch, and small crappie. Marked quite a few fish and saw a bunch of perch, crappies, and few blue gills with my Aqua vu. Nothing I threw down the hole seemed to make them want to bite though

  8. I went to orchard yesterday afternoon and evening.......worst day this year! Very SLOW. How did you do?

  9. Hope to see ya out there sometime

  10. My best day ever was 25 over 12" . I kept 5 and put all the rest back so I know there are still some big ones there

    1. Michael Tilton 0
      Oh nice. That gets me excited to get out there and try the lake