1. Busted my spinning rod so I went with the fly rod out of the canoe. Paid off big time with a truck load of crappies. Had a lot of fun with my buddy mike tonight.

    Crappie with a Cork fly popper

  2. Set out a fyke net to catch a few fish for my class at UW Madison and got this nice one. Getting me excited for the season.

    7 lb. 4 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a Fyke Net

    1. Jordan Truttschel 0
      Still a hog Clay!
    2. Clay Russell 0
      I don't think your scale was accurate. Normally, to weigh 7 pounds plus, the fish would have to be 23" or longer.
    3. Suladens Xiong 0
      Getting me all worked up for opening day!
    4. Jordan Truttschel 0
      That's one hell of a fish on Mendota, but, I've got to say, that's an even more impressive 'stache brother!
    5. Vince Schmitz 0
      I'm at student at UW Madison and it was for a university research project and permits were given to us for the use of the nets.
    6. Brent Holman 0
      Never heard of a Fyke net, did not think nets were legal.
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