1. green and orange tiger and gold with orange

    12 in. Walleye with a spoon

  2. lipless crank tipped with minnow

    12 in. perch with a lipless crank

  3. custom jigs and spins big slenderspoon tipped with large minnow, personal best ice pike, weight and length are guesstimated!

    9 lb. 32 in. Northern Pike with a slender spoon

  4. I call it the Dip-N-Flip! I use steel leaders to connect the piece to my rod holder! swivel to Dip-N-Flip and loop and clasp the other end to the cable to connect ...more to rod holder! Works wonders and cheap!

  5. tip up fishing at moose lodge lake nd

  6. yellow and orange spinner lindy crawler harness. centennial bay

    13 lb. Northern Pike with a lindy crawler harness

  7. fast trolling for pike.. fake minnow

    2 lb. 6 oz. 22 in. Walleye with a fake minnow

  8. caught a few eyes on crawler harnesses out at audobaun... alot of small ones but kept 4 good eaters

  9. walleye deadstickin

    1. Art Rajek 0
      I'm heading up that way Thursday probably fish there that night.. Going to be in Nodak until 13 th. you been fishing?
    2. cam ole 0
      nice... wish I had the spot the guy going for pike had... but all good. just wanted to get down there really..
    3. Art Rajek 0
      We hammer them 😁 the kiddy corner from were we meet😎
    4. Art Rajek 0
      It's ur responsibility keep the rod up !!😳
    5. cam ole 0
      ya... it was a slow day for eyes... we were nailing smallys... girlfriend gets to bored if a rod isn't going every so often so it was nice fighting some 3-5 ...more pounders...
    6. Art Rajek 0
      Cigar 🍼
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  10. anyone fish audobaun lately or sakakawea... any luck


Love to fish year round, ice is best. mostly use the Palomar knot, dropper loop, or clinch knot. fireline fused braid line is my favorite line. ...more mostly fish from shore during open water.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye
  • Waterway hard water
  • Lure jig