1. Drifting beads on the Kenai is highly addicting! Caught this guy in March just before leaving for Afghanistan. What a memory!

    1. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Expect nothing less from a Slayer
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Great photo!
    3. Paul Ferreira 0
      A great day!
    4. Dennis Musgraves 0
    5. Christopher Cox 0
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  2. Occasionally gotta reconnect with my Gulf Coast of Mexico roots! Love the red top water action!

  3. Love it when it's warm enough to ice fish without the shelter!

    1. Paul Ferreira 0
    2. Shawn Johnson 0
      So fat & heavy!
    3. Christopher Cox 0
      Fat and Heavy?
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  4. This is my biggest fish through the hardwater to date. He absolutely destroyed my tube jig at 60' under the ice. It was -30° that day so the pics were taken ...more inside the ice hut. Released back to the depths for another angler to catch!

    Lake Trout with a Tube Jig

    1. Paul Ferreira 0
      What a fatty!
    2. Dennis Musgraves 0
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  5. These sailfish of the north love taking it dry!

    Arctic Grayling with a Blue Dunn

  6. These fish are my absolute favorite fish to catch. This winter Steelie was caught last year in Yakutat, Alaska

    Rainbow Trout with a Dean River Tiger

    1. Shawn Johnson 0
      Haha yep. GoPro stick
    2. Christopher Cox 0
      Are you carrying a stick?
    3. Paul Ferreira 0
      Great color
    4. Dennis Musgraves 0
      Sweet catch!
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  7. Back bouncing for the big boys scored this sweet king salmon on a float trip in 2011

    Chinook Salmon with a Roe


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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Steelhead
  • Waterway Delta Clearwater
  • Lure Blue Dunn