1. John Durish 0
      3.5 lbs on a outkast bluegill swim jig
    2. Tyrone Smith 0
      Nice catch. What did you catch him on? Any weight?
    3. big_bass 0
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  1. I really like fishing... I love fishing but all of my gear is really old stuff that my grandpa gave to me and that he used to use when he went fishing which was ...more a long long long time ago. It would just mean the world to me if I could win this because I don't have the money to afford this kind of gear. Thank you for the chance I hope you pick me thank you.

  2. Fat Snook with a Zoom fluke on quarter oz jig head fishing the pilchard pods it weighed 20 pounds

    1. CrAzeApEx 0
      damn dude nice fish.
    2. John Durish 0
      Thanx man
    3. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Have any question feel free to ask whenever. Awesome fish once again!
    4. John Durish 0
      Thanks @BrianScott hope we can stay in touch I would love some tips
    5. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Awesome! Thanks for subbing. One sponsor already! Nice!
    6. John Durish 0
      I'm nowhining15 that follows u on utube
    7. John Durish 0
      Thx @BrianScott I watch all Your utube vids and I am actually trying to start up my YouTube page and I have one sponsor so far it's powell rods
    8. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Nice job!
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