1. Nice one from today with @logan_walters123 . Had an awesome day with 15 fish total, this being the biggest at around 7 lbs. Also, be sure to check out the latest ...more video on my YouTube channel I just started at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lgv7UJQ2HI . I don't have too many videos uploaded as of now, but I will be working on expanding.

    Largemouth Bass with a Swimbait

    1. Richie Pusateri 0
      Richie Pusateri
    2. Richie Pusateri 0
      @BrandonScottAlt it's my full name,
    3. Brandon alt 0
      What is the name of your YouTube channel
    4. Colebenk 0
      With all those dd's you must have some pretty damn good videos
    5. Richie Pusateri 0
      @Colebenk Yeah, I started one and only have like four uploads. Just search my name, Richie Pusateri
    6. Colebenk 0
      Do you have YouTube?
    7. Richie Pusateri 0
      Knox you have mental health concerns @freshwaterlife
    8. knox kronenberg 0
    9. Richie Pusateri 0
      Oh yeah man @reidster11 . It is on fire
    10. reidster11 0
      Nice fish Yich! Swimbaitin the bird right now is a blast. Lots of big girls on the prowl.
      Oink Oink 🐷🐗
    12. Richie Pusateri 0
      Thanks man @King_Fisher
    13. King_Fisher 0
      That's a pig!
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  2. Nice one I caught with @loganwalters123 . Had an awesome day with about 15 other fish, this being the biggest, close to 7 lbs. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel ...more as well at https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCUJQdqlCRqM1E8Mqlythh2Q . I just started it and only have a few videos uploaded, but I am working on expanding it!

    Largemouth Bass with a Swimbait

  3. Not a giant, but still a good fish off the dam from this weekend with @Bo_Wiltshire . We probably caught close to 20 fish off beds, this being the only one not on ...more a bed. Got some great gopro footage as well. Still searching for that DD female

    Largemouth Bass with a Speed worm

    1. michaelmillan1 0
    2. Richie Pusateri 0
      Oh I'm perfectly calm @michaelmillan1 . I would be mad too if I lost 60$ gambling
    3. michaelmillan1 0
      Hahahaha calm down
    4. Richie Pusateri 0
      Can't even remember the last time you caught a 2 @michaelmillan1 . How would you know what it looks like?
    5. michaelmillan1 0
      Maybe 2
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  4. Giant one I caught today. Weighed 9.5 on the scale. Had an awesome time with @logan_walters123 and @TylersReelFishing . I finished with about 12 fish total, this ...more being the biggest.

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Richie Pusateri 0
      It's just my full name, Richie Pusateri @atxflyfishing . I don't have too many uploads right now
    2. atxflyfishing 0
      whats your youtube channel?
    3. Bo Barnett 0
      Shhhh... We're huntin sharelunkers....Here share a lunker.....
    4. Bo Barnett 0
      That's alright, it's fishing, their are plenty of monsters out there. We'll use the HDS touch and find um.
    5. Richie Pusateri 0
      Man, I would love to @bobarnett . Problem is, I am not so familiar with the part of the lake near the I-35 boat ramp. All of my fish come from Barton to Redbud which ...more takes a while by trolling motor.
    6. Bo Barnett 0
      Nice walrus you got there sir. I'd be happy to take you to Austin if you will show me the bird. Never fished it. My big ass can't fish from a kayak though, ...more 21' Ranger will have to work. You in?
    7. Graydon32 0
    8. Graydon32 0
    9. Graydon32 0
    10. clarkmannas 0
      Yeah man you've got pics on the fishingskout and fishing kings pages that i've seen
    11. Brandon alt 0
      Your pictures are going all over insta rn including the fishing Skout page
    12. Richie Pusateri 0
      No, I do not. @BrandonScottAlt
    13. Brandon alt 0
      Do you have an Instagram account?
    14. TylersReelFishing 0
      The magic of editing
    15. Richie Pusateri 0
      Lol, I catch small fish all the time, but I don't post pictures of them @BrandonScottAlt
    16. Brandon alt 0
      You don't catch small fish do you?
    17. King_Fisher 0
    18. Richie Pusateri 0
      Jig @saylor_cline
    19. saylor_cline 0
      What did you use?
    20. Richie Pusateri 0
      I can't help it. @flomofisher . Fishing scout distorts the pictures I post and I can only post horizontal pictures without part of it getting cut off
    21. Jose_Can_senko 0
      Nice toad...
    22. Bob Bob 0
      I'd like to see that fish not so close to the camera @bOb123456789bob
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  5. Prefishing for the state tournament today went well. I have a pretty good idea of what our game plan is. This was the biggest at around 7 lbs

    Largemouth Bass

    1. jackmawer 0
      Hey man I'm heading out to LBJ this weekend so you mind giving me some advice on how to fish it?
    2. Tristin Riddle 0
      Yeah we had 24 pounds last year and we caught a double digit during practice. Probably going to be another slugfest!
    3. Richie Pusateri 0
      Good luck! @TristinRiddleFishing . You took second out there last year, right?
    4. Tristin Riddle 0
      I will be there practicing all next week.
    5. Very nice!
    6. fordelliott_22 0
      Dang! what did u catch him on?
    7. Fisherman_Rob 0
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  6. Awesome day on the water yesterday with @Bo_Wiltshire and @logan_walters123 . Caught 4,5, and 6 lb fish and lost another close to 8 lbs. Fish were mauling bait near ...more drop offs and points. Every thing I caught looked like it was about to blow up it was so fat!

    Largemouth Bass

    1. TylersReelFishing 0
      I've heard he caught em all on wacky rigged hot dogs
    2. fishingsavage 0
      swiggity swooty im coming for that booty
    3. Jonathan Smith 0
      Good stuff. We didn't have anywhere near this good of a day.
    4. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Nice man what did you get them on?
    5. drumbrothers 0
      Nice pigs, what bait?
    6. King_Fisher 0
      Couple pigs!
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  7. Cool GoPro shot of a brute that knocked the tar out of my Alabama Rig this weekend. Fish were chasing bait around drop offs and ledges

    Largemouth Bass with a Bama rig

    1. Qmatty 0
      Yeah probably haha @yich4
    2. Richie Pusateri 0
      No @Qmatty . I think I saw you in Barton Creek a few weekends ago
    3. Qmatty 0
      Is this by redbud? @yich4
    4. Richie Pusateri 0
      *you are @freshwaterlife
    5. knox kronenberg 0
      Your my bitchh
    6. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Fun day on Lake Basstrop with @TylersReelFishing . We caught about 25 fish burning chatterbaits through and around grass. This was the biggest weighing a bit over ...more 5 lbs. Biggest 5 went close to 19 lbs.

    1. Richie Pusateri 0
      Ya if you are in the right spot at the right time, it can be killer @TopWaterGOD
    2. Evan Geiger 0
      Bastrop lake seems to be a pretty good lake. I only fished around the landing in a kayak for about 30 minutes and I caught 3 or 4 all about 2 pounds and one about ...more 4.
    3. Richie Pusateri 0
    4. Richie Pusateri 0
      Thanks man
    5. TRafferty 0
      Great fish
    6. jaygo99 0
      Oh yeah
    7. drew11 0
      nice catch
    8. Richie Pusateri 0
      Grigg @jaygo99
    9. jaygo99 0
      Yeah do you fish with Adam? Or coach Grigg
    10. Richie Pusateri 0
      Yes. You are in it I assume? @jaygo99
    11. jaygo99 0
      Don't you fish in the south austin bass club
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  9. INSANE day with @Bo_Wiltshire . This was the biggest fish of the day weighing in at 10.5. Monster bass were chasing shad around and crushing them. Our 5 biggest ...more fish went 36 lbs. I caught 2 others around six pounds and countless three and four pounders. This fish was so fat it looked like it was about to explode

    Largemouth Bass

    1. callumsparrow 0
      @yich4 ok thanks man!
    2. Richie Pusateri 0
      @callumsparrow The fish at redbud are tricky. Sometimes you get in to them and other times it's a grind. Every time I go, it is either hit or miss
    3. callumsparrow 0
      hey is there a certain time at redbud that the fish are biting or is it all day?
    4. TylersReelFishing 0
      😭You're a butthead @joemac2242
    5. joemac2242 0
      Knox is being serious you meanie @TylersReelFishing
    6. Richie Pusateri 0
      Knox your really mean that?@freshwaterlife ? That's so sweet.
    7. TylersReelFishing 0
      @yich4 don't listen to Knox, you are a terrible fisherman and should leave this app forever
    8. knox kronenberg 0
      Your just like my hero and I look up to you so much I really want to pay you however much I just want to be like you!
    9. knox kronenberg 0
      I'll pay you 20!
    10. Richie Pusateri 0
      If you really want fishing lessons i charge 10$ an hour. You fly cast sure could use some improvement! @freshwaterlife
    11. knox kronenberg 0
      Aww thanks man!
    12. Richie Pusateri 0
      Knox you fucker @freshwaterlife
    13. knox kronenberg 0
      Omg Richie your my hero your like so cool pls teach me how to fish!!!
    14. whitebass_81 0
      No, sounds like you guys had a really good day though.
    15. Richie Pusateri 0
      Oh ya I I remember. Did you catch any? @whitebass_81
    16. whitebass_81 0
      I was next to ya'll for awhile
    17. whitebass_81 0
      That was you??
    18. Jonathan Smith 0
      Haha....I'm still on the hunt for a 6. Were you throwing swimbaits?
    19. Richie Pusateri 0
      Ya I know it's not everyday where 6 lbers aren't the biggest fish @jas_atx
    20. ilovegold 0
    21. Jonathan Smith 0
      That's awesome! Super jealous...I'd even take the 6s you caught.
    22. Rafael Flores 0
      how do we view the video @yich4
    23. chunkauler 0
      Oh okay nice fish
    24. Richie Pusateri 0
      I have GoPro footage of this fish as well as some other good pictures @chunkauler . And this fish was weighed
    25. chunkauler 0
      Do u have another photo of your u not holding it out. I had when ppl hope it out cause u and tell the weight
    26. Angler09 0
      That's huge how many pounds
    27. Joey Russell 0
    28. Jose_Can_senko 0
      Nice hog...
    29. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Idk if you put a bait or not its not showing up
    30. Peyton Dalatri 0
      What did you catch this beast on?
    31. chafita 0
      That's a TOAD! How was the fight on the 'yak?
    32. Rafael Flores 0
      Lol sweet awesome fishing and hunting in the south buddy @Lunk_Lifestyle
    33. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      @RafaelF my grandpa lives there. Might have to live with him haha
    34. Rafael Flores 0
      Lol you should definitely come over @Lunk_Lifestyle
    35. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      That's it. I'm moving to Texas
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  10. Details: Northern Pike with a Fly

    Throw back to hunting the water wolf in the Alaskan wilderness. Can't wait to go back!

    1. DaPikeKilla 0
      I've been there