1. Lake Puckaway

    1. Trey Wu 0
      Id be going off good ol days
    2. Trey Wu 0
      Thinking about going out today alone. Had a rough cupple of days so just trying to get out . any tips or areas?
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  2. Lake Puckaway has been a good bite all winter.

    1. Issac Dallman 0
      There is no structure and no set place to fish it you either go to the crowd or pick your own spot. And keep moving constantly. White bass and walleye schools.
    2. Bryce Smith 0
      I've only found two pike out there, but both have been fattys over 32 (still swimming). Spent a solid week straight figuring out the walleyes and had 23 total, ...more biggest being 24 and all of them are still swimming. Perch are also hitting well. Glad to see the lake bouncing back
    3. ben kissling 0
      What have ya been catchn? The pucks been rough on me this yr
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  3. Good bite on lake Puckaway this week.

  4. good day fishing yesterday

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Awesome haul Jeff!!
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice catch Jeff!!
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  5. Lake Puckaway os on fire this week.

  6. Great day trolling cranks.

  7. Lake wisconsin walleyes this week.

  8. Eyes at Montello dam

  9. Wisconsin river by Portage


Hi I,m owner and operator of jnbguidefishing.com and grew up in Rio, wis. We guide on Puckaway ,Castle Rock , Petenwell , Lake Wisconsin and ...more several other lakes in the area.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye, northern, crappies and perch.
  • Waterway Lake Puckaway
  • Lure JNB jigs

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