1. Nice size 2.74 lb largemouth hit right as the pouring rain moved accross the lake.

    2 lb. 12 oz. 228 in. Largemouth Bass with a KVD Spinnerbait chart/white/translucent blue, copper willow leaf 3/8th

    1. Randy YANCEY 0
      12.30 pm clouded up and a quick moving rain moved from the south to the north. fourth cast into the submerged brush, by a floating log, and wham, 3 lb.er
  2. Iooks great,plan to fish more tour,this year my self

  3. Details: shallow bar on bend

    shallow bar on deep channel bend

  4. Details: 1 lb. 10 oz. 16 in. smallmouth with a crankbaits

    several smallies

  5. Details: 1 lb. 8 oz. smallmouth with a topwater

    several smallmouths

  6. Details: 1 lb. 8 oz. 15 in. Smallmouth Bass with a topwater n spinnerbaits

    several mid to large smallies

  7. Details: 1 lb. 4 oz. 15 in. smallmouth with a gitzit,spinnerbaits

    smallmouths, multiple

  8. Details: 1 lb. 10 oz. 16.5 in. Smallmouth with a topwater zara spook

    3-4 lb. smallmouths

  9. caught largemouth. n Kentucky n walleye n white bass way back n back of mutton creek.

    1 lb. 13 oz. 18 in. Spotted Bass with a gold blade buzz n spinner

    1. Hunter Bane 0
      That's a largemouth
  10. 16.5 smallie and missed a couple more bigger probably

    Smallmouth Bass with a chartrues buss/spinner w gold blades


I've been fishing for bass for over 50 years and am now considering fishing tournaments 'full time' and taper way back in my sales management ...more job. I have 8-9 bass fishing websites and I post hundreds of videos and articles on all things 'bass fishing'.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth followed very closely by river fishing for smallies in the northwest.
  • Waterway Table Rock & Stockton lakes in sw Missouri and Wilson lake in western Kansas
  • Lure I'm a pretty good 'gitzit' fisherman; prefer 4 lb test, 5' ultralight spinning combo.